First Day

I’ve been reading Nony, from A Slob Comes Clean, for about a month now. She has motivated me to get my butt in gear. Sunday night, Monday morning!, I bought her 2 e-book set. Drowning in Clutter, Drain the Ocean, and 28 Days to Hope in Your Home. Of course, being me, I read them immediately.  Then, I got up and emptied the dw.  DH was so excited when he opened it Mon. morning and saw it empty.  Then I got really CRAY-CRAY, and while he took the grand baby, Pudding Pop, for her morning walk, I swept and mopped the living room. My back hurt, and I was huffing, and puffing. Yes, and sweating too.

parents walking baby stroller

This is from Juming museum.


But, it only took me approximately 10 minutes, start to finish, including moving the toys. Then I sat down, and basked in the glow of a job well down. And basked all day! And posted about it copiously on FB. and private messaged everyone who didn’t comment on my post. I’m so needy for approval. Then I decided to start this blog, to look back on my accomplishments, and brag on myself!

Actually, I’ve been working on cleaning up for longer than just 1 day.  After I got out of Physical Therapy Rehab, June 5, I started getting the itch to have a house that was nice. Not pristine, magazine level, no one can touch anything, just nice.  So, I began going thru boxes, and getting rid of stuff. It felt good to see those 3 boxes of donations, 1 box for consignment, and 13 gallons of trash leave out the door!  We straightened up the living room, and began having people over, well, family.  Then I even had the nerve to have Pudding Pop’s first birthday party here! Everything looked really good. 

I have sewn 1 curtain for the living room, now I need to do 1 more. And wait for DH to put up the rods.

If I continue to help with the dishes, and sweep and mop every day, he’ll soon be putty in my hands!


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