Sit Down Before Reading This

I mean it. SIT DOWN. I don’t want to be responsible for you fainting from shock, hitting your head, thereby cracking your skull, having a CAT scan, and waking up paralyzed!  I will have lots of sympathy for you, but can’t afford your medical bills!  After all, I did warn you to sit down!

Ok, last night, I went to bed at midnight! Very surprising, yes, but not the shocking part.  Dh stirred and asked me the time. I replied. Then, in a duh-oh moment, I asked him if he’d  turned on the dw.  (Now, I had been sitting 6 feet away from the dw since he went to bed at 10. It had been silent the whole time. What was I thinking to ask that??? )

slob, humor, face palm



Now, here’s the shocking part.  I GOT UP.  I finished loading the dw, and turned it on. See? I told you you needed to be sitting down!

I only got up because I could hear Nony’s voice (from in my head saying a clean kitchen is so much nicer to face in the morning. And that the most important thing she does to keep her home from sliding into chaos, is do the dishes. So, I did.

7 thoughts on “Sit Down Before Reading This

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