Labor Day

Labor Day is celebrated in honor of all the millions of people who helped build this wonderful country.  And it’s a wonderful thing. 


But, I happen to be partial to the other meaning of labor- the ladies only one.


Now, I know we have Mother’s Day, but be real, if we’re gonna talk labor, we own that word!! 

First of all, we do the work of toting the precious bundle for 9 months.  Sometimes to the detriment of our backs, feet, and shopping.   What??? Did you enjoy shopping when you were 9 months plus? In the summer? In Florida???  Me neither.

Of course, I was blessed enough to give birth in Feb.  Both times.  (Sorry for the rest of ya!!)

Then, we go through the actual process of “labor”.  AS if we poor, ignurt wemmin folk wood’n know it waz hard werk, if our betters dint tell uz so.    Oopsie, is that my cynicism showing?

Then we get a whole 3 days to “rest and relax” in the hospital.  IF you have good insurance!  Who do they think feeds, changes,bathes, and generally tends the baby???

Then you get to take baby home, to join the rest of the family.  And you will never sit down again, for the rest of your life!!

Why so much rest in these 2 sentences, since mamas don’t get any?  One of the mysteries of the universe….

Anyway, mamas labor 24/7/365.  And if you work outside the home, you work 30/9/365.  How do wothm ( work outside the home mothers) do it????  Bless you all, inside, outside, upside down- we all work hard,and it’s not a competition!!

So, I propose, we annex Labor Day, and add it to Mother’s Day.  Who’s with me?  After all, don’t we deserve 2 burnt toast breakfasts in bed every year??

A_piece_of_toast_with_eyes(Here’s looking at you, dear.)


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