The Purple Princess

Once upon a time, far, far away, lived a Purple Princess. 

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(This is the REAL Princess Eugenie of York. But she’s wearing purple, so I’m “borrowing” her.)


In general, she was very happy with her life.  Only 1 thing kept her from complete bliss; her nails were horribleShe was so afraid that when she found her Purple Prince, he would run away screaming when he saw them…  She even had to wear gloves every time she appeared in public, so embarrassing.

One day, as she moped around her royal room, a lady in waiting rushed in, babbling excitedly.. “Your Highness, I’ve found a solution to your troubles!  Come with me!”

Well, the Purple Princess was so thrilled to hear there was hope!!  She followed the lady with alacrity.  They ended up at a castle in the next kingdom.   The Blonde Princess welcomed them in.

“Do you really have a cure for my hideous nails?” queried the Purple Princess.    

“The secret to changed nails is Jamberry,  I promise.” answered the Blonde Princess.  So she showed the Purple Princess plenty of choices, and how to apply them.



slob, humor, purple nails

“Damsel in Distress, what a perfect choice for me!” exclaimed the Purple Princess!

Ooooooh, so pretty!!

The Purple Princess left the castle, with her gorgeous Jamcure, and rode home in triumph.

Lo and Behold, the next day her father introduced her to a Purple Prince!  The Purple Princess held out her hand to be kissed.  Dazzled by her beautiful nails, he immediately asked for her hand in marriage. 

After the royal wedding, they rode away into a lavender sunset.

slob, humor, wedding carriage


They were so happily in love, and so thankful for Jamberrys, that they named their first son, Jam, and their first daughter, Berry.

Everyone in the Purple royal family lived happily ever after.

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