Guess what I just saw an ad for?  Tubeless tp!!!!!!

What were they thinking??   What will they think of next???414px-Toilet_paper_roll.svg

How will we know when to change the roll, if there’s no tube to sit there empty for days???

How will school children everywhere make their Christmas crafts now???

What now? Tubeless tube tops??

woman in tube top and jeans

Can you imagine her in any less?? Well, not going there!


The women who wear them are barely covered now!!  I do not want to see the re-invention of it without the tube!!

Think about it, what if they make tubeless inner tubes???

How will people get to the other end of the river???

tubing on the river

Yay! Tubing on the river!


Or the bottom of the mountain, without skis??

There will be a world wide shortage of inner tubes.   All the river floaters, and snow floaters will panic, and begin trying to slide  or float on cardboard.  Many, many people will die!!

All the inner tube rental places will go out of business.  This will cause the economy to crash, and everyone who is still alive will starve to death.

This is serious people!!  The implications are global destruction.  Please write or call your Congressman,person today!   Demand they pass a law to stop companies from making this evil personified tubeless toilet paper.   If you delay, you will be the cause of the whole world’s demise.  Shame on you, and all because you are too lazy to change the roll when it’s empty.

14 thoughts on “Tubeless

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