I’m shattered to report a triumvirate  meeting of tile floor, purse, and glass.  (yes, grownup glass glass.  How do I have any of those left??)  It was a splintered outcome.


slob, humor, shattered glass


Of course, then I couldn’t walk barefoot.      

slob, humor, barefeet

Yep, ma barefeetz








So, I sat down in my trusty recliner, while people less clumsy than me, swept, mopped, and generally de-disasterised.

A little afraid to let PP walk around barefoot, I wanted to cordon off the area.  Maybe I should have shuffled around the area first, but I was assured that all the glass was gone.  So far, so good.  I’ll keep you apprised of the situation.


I have been walking around barefoot, and no glass in my feet. YAY!!

PP has been walking around barefoot, and no glass in her feet.  Triple YAY!!!


All is well in my barefoot paradise.

Saturday I:

swept the living room.

Monday morning I:

mopped in front of the recliner and high chair.

hi chair

Little jobs keep the house from being a total destruction zone.

(Of course, little jobs don’t make it a bed of roses either!  But, we can walk across the floor without sticking to it.  I’ll take it.)

12 thoughts on “Shattered

  1. woohoo! no glass shards on floor! victory! just let me come over in barefoot mode to insure no glass shards remain! and still cleaning! very proud of you! 😀 wtg! kugw!! (keep up the good work!)


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