Wow, that header is SCARY!!

slob, humor, giant head shot

What did I tell ya?? Hideous!!

{I need a Biore strip-stat!!   And a trip to the dentist!}

Reminds me of an old Sci-fi movie, “The Giant Head Who Ate the Blog”!!

I think I’m gonna have to do something about it.  Like maybe remove it???

I thought it was gonna be a small pic. Had NO idea of the magnitude it would turn out to be!

So, what do I do with it??   {This was in 2014.   The header was half a page big of   It was hideous!!}

Use it to eat New York??  Maybe scare all the spiders outta the house??  A dartboard, perhaps? (Extra points if you hit the gap in my teeth!)

Now to you, my worthy readers, I leave it’s fate.

8 thoughts on “THE HORRIBLE HEAD

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