Recovery, Two Ways

Lately, (since May) recovery has meant 2 things around here.

My learning to declutter and clean, recovering from slobbery, and healing physically and emotionally, recovering health.

Both are important.  Both are extremely hard for me.  I’m not used to being a cleanie, which I am NOT yet!! By any stretch of the imagination! But I am working twards it, which is an improvement, ask any body EVER who has visited me on a non-party day!  Putting myself first so I can heal is also difficult.  I’m more accustomed to helping others.

So, if I talk about physical recovery, it’s still under the definition of my blog, to my way of thinking.  If you disagree, well… my blog, etc,etc

Trying to decide how to show a pic of my physical recovery.  (whirring sounds while brain works. Yes, like everything else these days, my brain makes audible noises while active.  Joints creaking, anybody?)

slob, humor, animals

I had to have this pic cuz Mama loves giraffes!

I love my zebra legs.  While I was in rehab for my knee  surgery 2 years ago, I asked my sis Michelle, to get me some purple duct tape to personalize my walker.  (In the nursing home, everybody and their brother had one, and I didn’t want mine to get lost in the shuffle.) Sadly, the store she chose was out of purple that day, so she chose zebra print, which just happened to be my niece’s favorite.  So, she got the rest of the roll.

When I graduate to a wheelchair, I’ll just spray paint the whole sucker.  (I asked Hoveround about their color choices, none of which were purple.  I think if you pay that much money for something, they jolly well should make it the color You want.)  But if not, I’ll take care of it myself.

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