Clean It Out!

Sunday I cleaned out my fridge and freezer, with the help of a friend, Sheryl.  That was so sweet of her to come help me!

I wish I had thought to have her take before and after pix, but alas….

Just trust me when I say it was BAD!

Somethings she wanted to put on a haz-mat suit before she even touched!  Black salad greens anyone?

(I told you it was bad.)

When you can see black through the lid of sour cream, it isn’t pretty!  Needless to say, we didn’t even check the date on that one!

Does ketchup go bad???


(Mine was NOT organic.)

Fortunately, the jalapeno slices were still good, and we were able to donate those to the pregnant lady next door.  She loved them! Win-win!!

slob, humor, jalapeno

Spicy, but nicy! (To her, not me!)



When we were done, it practically looked like a barren wasteland, like this.

slob, humor, barren wasteland

Pretty empty, I’d say.


Not quite that empty, but compared to before, when it was stuffed full of rotting food, yeah.

Now I can safely eat anything in there.  Yay for not getting salmonella from my own food!

Thank you, Sheryl.  You may have saved my life.

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