So Slobby

My nice, neat house, which was Christmas party ready 1 short week ago, (actually 9 days ago, but who’s counting?)

is back to being a dump.  Literally, I dump all my laundry on the chair, and love seat because I’m too lazy to fold it, and put it away.  Sigh.


Laundry Loveseat

Laundry Loveseat


Who deposited all the mail piled on the side table?  And all the junk that piled on my computer desk, because I just rolled it into my room, to hide it during the party.

Side Table

Side Table

(Trust me, there’s mail piled up under the dirty plate.)

And don’t even look at my sewing/crafting area.  I’m working there! Even when I’m not actually working at that precise moment, I’m in the process, and have to leave everything where it is.

Right Side of Crafting Table

Right Side of Crafting Table

Left Side of Crafting Table

Left Side of Crafting Table

ironing board


(All this is where my dining table used to be.)

My breakfast bar which was used as a buffet during the party:

Breakfast Bar

Breakfast Bar

There’s still a clear spot! yay!


I just wish I could take pix for you, to behold the true splendor of my slobbery.  It is magnificent, as far as slobbery goes.  But, it goes back to that old problem of no camera, or smart phone.   (I’m sick of it!  And I’m sure you are too, right??)  So, who’s gonna send me another sewing job, or 5, so I can get a smartphone??  Anybody??

I wrote all that before my sweet friend came over with his tablet and let me take the pix, and emailed them to me.  I’m so dramatic!  But that’s why you love me so.


3 thoughts on “So Slobby

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