Neat Nativity

Home Matters Linky Party

I’m so proud of myself! I have kept the Nativity neat and uncluttered for 2 weeks now! 


Whoa! Hold on here!  Who put that mail there?  I know I didn’t!  

Okay, there.  That’s better.


The Nativity is neat again.

The mail??  Oh, don’t worry, it has a new home.


Focus, people!  The important thing is that the Nativity is de-cluttered again!


o, no!  NOT a wide shot, I said!


There! Perfect!

The Herald Angel

The Herald Angel

"Wee" Three Kings

“Wee” Three Kings

Baby Jesus, God's Greatest Gift

Baby Jesus, God’s Greatest Gift

See the precious tiny lambie?

See the precious tiny lambie?

141211_007We couldn’t

forget the wee liddle beasties.

Maybe next year I can have a grown-up Nativity, instead of a Lilliputian one!

Merry Christmas!

13 thoughts on “Neat Nativity

  1. What a precious Nativity and one of my favorite aspects of the Christmas season.

    We are so glad you shared with us at the Home Matters Linky party! Please be sure to come back to our next party on Jan. 9th. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  2. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season. I didn’t get to display our beautiful Nativity, but hey, it’s not too late. The wise men didn’t get there till later, so I’ll set it up for the grandchildren and use it to talk about when the wise men followed the star to find baby Jesus – the King of kings!

    Happy New Year!
    God’s blessings for 2015.

    ❤ carmen


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