Pudding Pop’s Pretty Pink (P)kitchen

I know Pkitchen’s not a word.  I just had to put that P in there!  My fingers would not stay off the P key.



How precious is that??

Ever since PP’s  Panda and Pink (P)first (P)birthday Party,

(I tell ya, my finger WILL NOT come off that P key!),

I’ve been jonesing to get PP a pink (p)kitchen.  The Sunday after Black Friday, they were still ringing up at Black Friday prices!  So, I was able to get one, without fighting all the crowds!


I even stated putting it together myself, but got stuck.  So we had to call in the handyman to save the day!

(We had DD1 and PP’s Christmas early, because they were down visiting from their new home.  )

Here is a pic of PP playing with her pretties.


It came with pots and pans, dishes, spatula, and even a cell phone!

Now all I have to add are some potholders, hot pads, and and an apron!

It just so happens the the Christmas dress I made her was in 2 pieces, with an apron! So, I’m ahead of the game there!

PP's Christmas dress with apron

PP’s Christmas dress with apron

25 thoughts on “Pudding Pop’s Pretty Pink (P)kitchen

  1. I love pink, my mom had a pink kitchen with pink gingham wallpaper, pink frilly curtains and pink small appliances (I still have her pink hand mixer!

    PP looks like she’s enjoying her pink kitchen! You can never start them too young!

    Life is pink!

    ❤ carmen

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