Brought Back In

 1 item,was brought back in a washing machine.  The one that was here belonged to DD1.

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My new washing machine

I’ve been washing out things in the sink for 2 weeks, and putting them in the dryer.  Ever tried that?? Not fun!

Thankfully I had enough towels, and pants and sheets to last me.  The horror of just THINKING about wringing out jeans by hand!!  Shudder

So, I think only 1 item being brought back in is okay.  I’m only replacing what was here.  And it’s a very necessary item!  Can you imagine me trying to carry a laundry hamper balanced on the handlebar of my walker?? Yeah, not so much! lol

I’m sure I can sell it when I move, because a lot of people use the laundry facilities here on site.  So, I’m positive someone will want a bargain washer.  Any takers? I’ll write your name down, and call you when I move.  Thanks!

Bye Bye Pantry

Last Friday evening, my pantry went bye bye.   (But you already knew that, didn’t you?  Thanks Captain Obvious Melinda!)

It was a huge cabinet in my living room.  When everyone all still lived here, we needed it for food storage.  Now that I’m by myself, not so much.  So, it went the way of all unneeded things.  The wall looks absolutely barren now!

But I feel more free.  It’s amazing how purging things makes my spirit feel lighter!  I really don’t need as much as I thought I did!  (Besides, I have a pantry closet in the kitchen, so I’m not hurting for storage space!  Thanks for worrying for me, though.)

Also, my 35 year old Lane cedar hope chest

slob, humor, hope chest

Walnut hope chest. (Cassone) Nymph carving. 1570 – 1600, in Northern Italy. -. Budapest Museum of Applied Arts. – Üllői Avenue, Hőgyes Endre Street, Kinizsi Pál Street, [[Budapest]] District IX , [[Hungary]]}}{{de|1=Kunstgewerbemuseum in [[Budapest]], Ungarn}} {{hu|1=Kelengyeláda (cassone) – folyamnimfa ábrázolásával. Leltári szám: 5354. Készítés ideje: 1570 – 1600, Észak-Itália. Anyag: diófa; vaspántokkal. Iparművészeti Múzeum. – [[Budapest]] IX., Üllői út 33-37., Hőgyes Endre utca 10-12., Kinizsi Pál utca 31

(This one is NOT mine.     I forgot to take a pic, before I shoved it out the door.)       😦

has traveled outside my realm of influence. The feet were damaged beyond repair, and in the apartment I’m moving to, I’ll have no room at all for it.  So,  I said goodbye with a lump in my throat.  It’s been a part of my life so long. ( Grand)Mama covered the seat with purple velvet.  (You can imagine how dusty THAT is by now!!  As you know, cleaning wasn’t my style.)

That much more room in my home, and life.