Working in My Widdle Woom

Okay, I couldn’t help the title.  You know how much I love alliteration!

As promised in Horsey Hallway, here is the future post on Decluttering in my room.

Except, it’s no longer in the future, it’s here NOW! Woo hoo!

Mama came over on a Tuesday, (Why oh why, can’t I remember to take before pix??  I’m a slogger, for Pete’s sake!!) and we went at it, shovels and tongs. I don’t think that’s a real expression.  I made it up just now, for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy!

How could I have so much stuff, when I’ve already decluttered several times???

Oh the agony of making decisions!  Why do I have to get rid of anything?? After all, I can still walk to my bed!

But, no. The strict taskmaster kept me on track.  Otherwise, I woulda punked out after about 30 minutes!

I got rid of 2 big garbage bags of trash


And 1 red folding shopping cart of stuff for Mama’s yard sale.

Then, I collapsed in my recliner, emotionally worn out.  That was my stuff that was leaving!!  MINE!  And I was attached to it.  That’s why it was all still in my room.

But, after it was all gone, something funny happened.  I smiled, because it felt good to be that much closer to being a cleanie.  Well, maybe only 2 inches, on a column graph, depicting slob at the bottom, and cleanie at the top.  But, hey, that 2 inches was hard won!  And I was proud of myself.

I basked in the glow of a job well done.

Horsey Hallway



This beautiful original oil painting is hanging in my long hallway.  Brother hung it up when he moved in, under the hallway light, so it would be showcased.  Mama painted it from memory, of a pencil drawing Brother did when he was in school.  (We will skip over how many years ago that was!  You’re welcome.)

It’s titled “Longing”.  In person, you can actually see the longing in the horse’s eyes, and expression, for freedom.  Very poignant.

Sometimes, I long to be free of my slobbery.  It definitely fences me in, behind literal walls of stuff.

It keeps people from visiting me, because there is no place to sit, due to the laundry, or whatever, on every available flat surface.

When someone is brave enough to visit, and they’re persistent enough to tunnel out a place to sit, they’re usually uncomfortable.  Chaos is uncomfortable.  Our minds seek order. Even if I say it doesn’t bother me to live in such a slobby mess;  sometimes, it does get to me.  And, I despair of ever digging out of the mess.

So, I make stabs at it, here and there.  Last Tuesday, Mama came over and we decluttered, and she organized some, in my bedroom.  (Alert- future post.)

But, overall, what difference did it make?  Sure, I can look around and see carpet now, where I couldn’t before.  And sure, now I can actually see the table top.  And my shirts are actually hanging in my closet.  (GASP- I heard that!)

But, I still have so much to do, and so far to go.  Why do anything, really???

That’s what my slob brain says.  But my “wants to be a cleanie” brain says, “Don’t give up! There’s hope! Keep on doing something!”

I realize I may never be a cleanie, after all, I’ve been a slob for 54 years now.  But, I’m gonna keep on chippin away at the mountain.

Who knows?  Someday, maybe  I’ll be company ready without a 3 day marathon of cleaning!

And when that happens, you’ll be the first to know.  Promise.



When I cleared off the bathroom counter, I left this.  Not really sure what it is.

I mean I know technically  what it is, a metal tray with dead, purple candles in it.

But really, What is it?  Is it a decoration?  Is it a working piece of paraphenalia?

What I really need to ask , I guess, is what in the world do I do with it?

Do I leave it there and try to burn the last remaining little candle?  Do I try to pry out all the burnt ones?  Do I just pile more tea lites on top of the empty tins?

Sometimes I have a hard time making decisions.  On some things.  Like decorating things. Or cleaning things.  Or on big things.  (But not on eating things.  I usually know exactly what I want to eat.)

This is one of those puzzling, “Now what do I do?” things.

  • Maybe I can just throw it away and not have to deal with the issue at all!  Yeah!  That’s the ticket!  Except, it’s not mine, so I’d feel guilty.  Oh bother.
  • So that means I have to keep it.
  • But…..that doesn’t mean I have to leave it out on the counter, does it?
  • No!  Yay! There’s my solution!
  • I’ll just put it under the sink with all those other ghostly things, that I’m sure are totally useful, (like toilet scrubbing bubbles), that I forget are even there!  (until I move again.  Shudder, please! Don’t make me even have to think about that again!!)

Conundrum solved.  Now, on to world peace…..

Bathroom Counter Redoux

I decided to show my bath counter today:


Pretty sad, huh?

Who used milk in the bathroom? For what?  Ah, must have been for milk baths like Queen Esther in the Bible.  Ancient Persian secret.

Hey, whaddaya know?  We do own cleaning_sanitizing wipes!  Right there in front of my face all along!  Too bad no one was using them.

And who needs phone books in the bathroom?  Who even uses phone books anymore?  I admit, that one was me.  I’m still not used to having a mini computer in my hand!  Still old school sometimes.  Okay, lots, okay, most of the time.  Anybody got a bus schedule?

Lookie there!  We even have 2 (empty) soap dispensers.  Reckon we could get by on just one?  Might be worth a try.

The next pic is going to be graphically gross.  Please escort all young children out of the viewing area.


I warned you.  Before you judge, well, I really have no excuse atall.  I’m just a nasty slob.  But see the swipe marks?  A week ago I did take some toilet paper and scrape up the first half inch of gunk.  Doesn’t that earn me any points at all?  None?  Well! (Huffy tone in voice)

So, first I just did the easy things.  Throw away the garbage (duh!), and put stuff back where it belongs.  And fill up the pretty purple soap dispenser.

Then DH cleaned the counter for me, cuz ya know I don’t know how that stuff works.(soap, rags, scrubbing- that kinda stuff)


Doesn’t it look so much better now?

What?  The sink?  Oh, no, even he was afraid to put his hands in there.  Sooooo, I decided we just need maintenance to install a new one.  Think they’ll go for that?  Rats.  I don’t think so either

What is a girl to do??

( And yes, that is where the tp belongs.  I can’t turn to the side very well, so it’s too hard to reach the correct hanger.)

How long do u think I can ignore that sink? Well, really the question is how much longer can I ignore it? You really might be surprised at the answer.  But not if you know me personally.  You already know.  A loooooooong time.

But it’s already been a long time, and I am trying to recover, so……20150325_221016Only 1 Clorox wipe and some elbow grease later- Ta da!

(Since it was only a 1 step process, I was able to figure it out on my own.)

Pretty impressive ,right?

Yay for me!  I cleaned! I actually did it!  I will insist that my slob support group make me cleanie of the week!

Flighty Flash

My smartphone has a flash in the camera.  Who knew?  Probably a lot of you whippersnappers who are now smirking at me.  I see you.


The infamous amethyst vase.  Now that you can see it clearly, you can see the paper inside.  I had forgotten all about that.  I had heard about a blessing jar last year, and decided to do one of my own.  You write down a blessing every day, then on NYE you read them all and remember all the blessings God gave you during the year.  Well, I started it, then as often happens with me, it never became a habit.  It was a good idea that just never went anywhere.

But I will have a few blessings to count.

Learning how to use a flash being one of them.  If I can figure out how to get the papers out.  I didn’t think about that part either.

At least I can enjoy looking at a pretty vase.

News flash, sloggers can become better photographers!  Especially when they stumble upon features that they didn’t know were there, but are oh so helpful.  Who knew?

1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Recliners

Sing the title to the tune of  “1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Indians.”  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

(Humming to self.)

So, first I started off with Old Blue.    20150323_163229

It was so old, and worn out, and not to mention, butt sprung, that I needed a new recliner.  Because I sit there, a lot.  I’m talking, a LOT.  Like, so much I’m not even gonna admit how much of the day. (and night)

So, got it moved into PP’s room, so when I need to rock her to sleep, I have a rocker available.  And since I don’t rock her to sleep every day, it’ll do.

That’s 1.

When I kept complaining, Mama got me a maroon, wing back recliner.  It is so gorgeous!

20150311_151505    Just look at those legs!

20150318_131045  What I wouldn’t give to have great gams like that!

But as I stated previously, in Living Room Looks, the chair and I didn’t agree on what size my hips should be.  And, the arms were completely bare of cushioning on the ends where you have to push to recline.  And the part where your legs go, was too short for my legs.  So, 3 strikes and you’re out!  It had to go, pretty as it was.

That was 2.

Then, I had the inspiration to look on Craig’s List for a purple recliner.  Must as well look for exactly what I want, right?

And lo, and behold I found one!  Out in Timbuctu, (Largo), but I found it.  So Brother and Sweet Friend went and fetched for me.  It took them 6 hours.  I have my suspicions about what took so long, (they went over the Skyway on the way back.  Doesn’t the new one have a fishing pier???)  Anyhoo, then I had a purple recliner, #3.

20150316_091701  I know, I know, it doesn’t look purple. But it is.

Sweet friend said, “You BETTER be happy now!”  And I was…… until I sat in it.

After sitting in it for a week….

I don’t want to tell anybody this……

but it’s uncomfortable too.  sigh    I know, can’t be pleased.

It sits too low to the ground, and really hurts my right (replaced) knee when I try to stand up.

It’s slightly cock-eyed, listing to the left, a few degrees.  And all the cushioning in the feet part is all squished completely to the sides.

And my back hurts when I sit in it.

So….. what do I tell Sweet friend???? How do I get rid of this one, and get #4??  Do I even dare to try to get another one, since I’m never happy???

Maybe if I had listened to Sweet friend in the first place, and shopped for a new one, and saved up the money, I wouldn’t be in this fix??  Nah, that can’t be it.

Finaally, A Little De-Cluttering.

And when I say, a Little de-cluttering, I do mean, little!

When I published the pic of Granny’s Gorgeous Corner Cabinet the other day, did you happen to notice the tiny bouquet on the top left?


Well, it doesn’t look as bad in the pic as it did in real life.  And be very thankful we don’t have smellavision yet!

It was….um…. yeah… dead.  And decaying.  (In my defense, it had ONLY been 3 weeks and 2 days since I received it for my birthday from Brother!  Aren’t flowers supposed to last a month?? No???)


See, Mama? I did it! I am capable of de-cluttering!  It just takes me a little while to even notice the mess!  I have Slob-o-vision.  Which means, I really don’t even see the messes anymore.  But, I kinda started smelling this one!

So, there it is, all nice and cleaned off.  It even inspired me to do a little decorating, the rest of the living room looks so nice!


Okay, that is a really horrible picture.  I just snapped it on the way out the door this morning.  No lights on in the living room.  So, I will have to retake in better light.  But it’s a beautiful amethyst vase, that coincidentally, was also given to me by Brother.  He’s so sweet to me!

I will try to remember to retake the pic in better light, and post later.

I’m a Slogger, not a photographer!  (Just in case you couldn’t tell.)

Great Grapes

Time to show off my finally decorated kitchen.  (Thank you, sweet friend!)

The grape cluster above my breakfast bar.


The arrangement above my cabinets, over my stove.



Each grape element:







Over my pantry,


Above the air return,


Above my entryway, (but you can only see it as you are leaving)



On my entry wall, as you come in.


Great grape Cookie jar, on top of the fridge:



The magnets on the fridge:




(I know it’s a little bit egotistical to have a photo of myself on my own fridge, but, hey, if I don’t love myself, who will?)  I cross stitched the pansy one, way back in the day.


Don’t I have a pretty kitchen?  Notice I didn’t show you the counters or anything. WE ain’t going there today!  Just enjoy looking at the grape pretties!

Wish I had purple pots! and a purple microwave, and coffee pot, and toaster, and dish drainer, and knives, and cabinets, and floor, and stove, and refridge!  Well, I do wish it! I know it would be too much for you, but I’d adore it!  So, if you see any of these items, send them to me, pleeeaasse.

Wearing O’ the Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Did you know St. Patrick was a missionary to the Druids in Ireland?  First, he was carried there as a slave, and later came back as a missionary.  He used shamrocks to explain the Trinity.  Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are 3 persons in the Godhead. Yet, 1 God.  It is a mystery, but true.


Leprechauns and all the green blarney was added later, to paganize a day celebrating a saint.(I just found out, his color was originally blue!    Whaaa???  We’ve been pinching the wrong people all these years!!)

Nothing wrong with having fun, and celebrating.  Just remember where the day really came from.

(Yup, that’s my real ear.  Hope I remembered to clean it good! )

irish bless

Shout out to Jerrod, (Kristen’s husband), Happy Birthday!

Living Room Looks

Let me introduce Miss Violet.

Miss Violet

Miss Violet

She has pride of place on my living room wall.  Perhaps you saw her coyly peeking around the edge of the Christmas tree.  She belonged to a wonderful friend of mine, Miss Maggie.  Miss Maggie has gone on to her heavenly reward now, but I have my memories, and Miss Violet, to cherish.

Behind the tv, is a beautiful grapevine cross.


Over the laundry closet, my pretty purple clock.

Chaney is Grandmama's maiden name.

Chaney is Grandmama’s maiden name.

Over the couch is this beauty:

Pretty purple whatchamacallit

Pretty purple whatchamacallit

When my aunt gave it to me, it was a boring black.  But , I could envision how beautiful it could be.

And I was right!

On the short wall, to the left of the kitchen bar, is the gorgeous “Pretty in Purple” original oil, by my Mama.


When I sit in my recliner, Miss Violet is almost directly in front of me, and my

 Just happens to be my middle name.  (Could that be why I love it???)

Just happens to be my middle name. (Could that be why I love it???)

is in front of me to my left.

And you already know my windows.


Now, recently, I have upgraded my furniture.

The old gray cabinet went bye bye, and this gorgeous old (the good kind of old) marble topped dresser from

DD1 and DD2’s Great Aunts, came into my possession.  I was sternly warned NOT to let anything happen to it! It is only a LOAN.

20150311_151829  It is so gorgeous!  Look at those glass knobs- like bling for furniture!

And in the corner, my Granny’s Corner cabinet, was entrusted to my care, in the same way.  I am blessed!

20150311_151837  Now that my recliner has been upgraded from old blue to this maroon, elegant one, I am all set for living room furniture.  (Except the wing back recliner is actually too narrow for my um,,,, statuesqueness??)  And I really, REALLY want the PURPLE leather one I found on Craig’s List!  Stay tuned!