Great Grapes

Time to show off my finally decorated kitchen.  (Thank you, sweet friend!)

The grape cluster above my breakfast bar.


The arrangement above my cabinets, over my stove.



Each grape element:







Over my pantry,


Above the air return,


Above my entryway, (but you can only see it as you are leaving)



On my entry wall, as you come in.


Great grape Cookie jar, on top of the fridge:



The magnets on the fridge:




(I know it’s a little bit egotistical to have a photo of myself on my own fridge, but, hey, if I don’t love myself, who will?)  I cross stitched the pansy one, way back in the day.


Don’t I have a pretty kitchen?  Notice I didn’t show you the counters or anything. WE ain’t going there today!  Just enjoy looking at the grape pretties!

Wish I had purple pots! and a purple microwave, and coffee pot, and toaster, and dish drainer, and knives, and cabinets, and floor, and stove, and refridge!  Well, I do wish it! I know it would be too much for you, but I’d adore it!  So, if you see any of these items, send them to me, pleeeaasse.

13 thoughts on “Great Grapes

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