Finaally, A Little De-Cluttering.

And when I say, a Little de-cluttering, I do mean, little!

When I published the pic of Granny’s Gorgeous Corner Cabinet the other day, did you happen to notice the tiny bouquet on the top left?


Well, it doesn’t look as bad in the pic as it did in real life.  And be very thankful we don’t have smellavision yet!

It was….um…. yeah… dead.  And decaying.  (In my defense, it had ONLY been 3 weeks and 2 days since I received it for my birthday from Brother!  Aren’t flowers supposed to last a month?? No???)


See, Mama? I did it! I am capable of de-cluttering!  It just takes me a little while to even notice the mess!  I have Slob-o-vision.  Which means, I really don’t even see the messes anymore.  But, I kinda started smelling this one!

So, there it is, all nice and cleaned off.  It even inspired me to do a little decorating, the rest of the living room looks so nice!


Okay, that is a really horrible picture.  I just snapped it on the way out the door this morning.  No lights on in the living room.  So, I will have to retake in better light.  But it’s a beautiful amethyst vase, that coincidentally, was also given to me by Brother.  He’s so sweet to me!

I will try to remember to retake the pic in better light, and post later.

I’m a Slogger, not a photographer!  (Just in case you couldn’t tell.)

18 thoughts on “Finaally, A Little De-Cluttering.

  1. Oh dear! I’m behind in checking what you’re up to Melinda! I must catch up. Baby steps, that’s the way to do it. Otherwise it’s overwhelming! Just have a goal to clean out one drawer today, reward yourself by taking a picture of it, and tell yourself “GOOD JOB!” Then try to keep that drawer nice and tackle another corner or shelf the next day. I like chocolate so I add another little (and I do mean little) treat by having a little chocolate heart. ❤

    Blessings dear friend!

    ❤ carmen


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