1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Recliners

Sing the title to the tune of  “1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Indians.”  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

(Humming to self.)

So, first I started off with Old Blue.    20150323_163229

It was so old, and worn out, and not to mention, butt sprung, that I needed a new recliner.  Because I sit there, a lot.  I’m talking, a LOT.  Like, so much I’m not even gonna admit how much of the day. (and night)

So, got it moved into PP’s room, so when I need to rock her to sleep, I have a rocker available.  And since I don’t rock her to sleep every day, it’ll do.

That’s 1.

When I kept complaining, Mama got me a maroon, wing back recliner.  It is so gorgeous!

20150311_151505    Just look at those legs!

20150318_131045  What I wouldn’t give to have great gams like that!

But as I stated previously, in Living Room Looks, the chair and I didn’t agree on what size my hips should be.  And, the arms were completely bare of cushioning on the ends where you have to push to recline.  And the part where your legs go, was too short for my legs.  So, 3 strikes and you’re out!  It had to go, pretty as it was.

That was 2.

Then, I had the inspiration to look on Craig’s List for a purple recliner.  Must as well look for exactly what I want, right?

And lo, and behold I found one!  Out in Timbuctu, (Largo), but I found it.  So Brother and Sweet Friend went and fetched for me.  It took them 6 hours.  I have my suspicions about what took so long, (they went over the Skyway on the way back.  Doesn’t the new one have a fishing pier???)  Anyhoo, then I had a purple recliner, #3.

20150316_091701  I know, I know, it doesn’t look purple. But it is.

Sweet friend said, “You BETTER be happy now!”  And I was…… until I sat in it.

After sitting in it for a week….

I don’t want to tell anybody this……

but it’s uncomfortable too.  sigh    I know, can’t be pleased.

It sits too low to the ground, and really hurts my right (replaced) knee when I try to stand up.

It’s slightly cock-eyed, listing to the left, a few degrees.  And all the cushioning in the feet part is all squished completely to the sides.

And my back hurts when I sit in it.

So….. what do I tell Sweet friend???? How do I get rid of this one, and get #4??  Do I even dare to try to get another one, since I’m never happy???

Maybe if I had listened to Sweet friend in the first place, and shopped for a new one, and saved up the money, I wouldn’t be in this fix??  Nah, that can’t be it.

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