Bathroom Counter Redoux

I decided to show my bath counter today:


Pretty sad, huh?

Who used milk in the bathroom? For what?  Ah, must have been for milk baths like Queen Esther in the Bible.  Ancient Persian secret.

Hey, whaddaya know?  We do own cleaning_sanitizing wipes!  Right there in front of my face all along!  Too bad no one was using them.

And who needs phone books in the bathroom?  Who even uses phone books anymore?  I admit, that one was me.  I’m still not used to having a mini computer in my hand!  Still old school sometimes.  Okay, lots, okay, most of the time.  Anybody got a bus schedule?

Lookie there!  We even have 2 (empty) soap dispensers.  Reckon we could get by on just one?  Might be worth a try.

The next pic is going to be graphically gross.  Please escort all young children out of the viewing area.


I warned you.  Before you judge, well, I really have no excuse atall.  I’m just a nasty slob.  But see the swipe marks?  A week ago I did take some toilet paper and scrape up the first half inch of gunk.  Doesn’t that earn me any points at all?  None?  Well! (Huffy tone in voice)

So, first I just did the easy things.  Throw away the garbage (duh!), and put stuff back where it belongs.  And fill up the pretty purple soap dispenser.

Then DH cleaned the counter for me, cuz ya know I don’t know how that stuff works.(soap, rags, scrubbing- that kinda stuff)


Doesn’t it look so much better now?

What?  The sink?  Oh, no, even he was afraid to put his hands in there.  Sooooo, I decided we just need maintenance to install a new one.  Think they’ll go for that?  Rats.  I don’t think so either

What is a girl to do??

( And yes, that is where the tp belongs.  I can’t turn to the side very well, so it’s too hard to reach the correct hanger.)

How long do u think I can ignore that sink? Well, really the question is how much longer can I ignore it? You really might be surprised at the answer.  But not if you know me personally.  You already know.  A loooooooong time.

But it’s already been a long time, and I am trying to recover, so……20150325_221016Only 1 Clorox wipe and some elbow grease later- Ta da!

(Since it was only a 1 step process, I was able to figure it out on my own.)

Pretty impressive ,right?

Yay for me!  I cleaned! I actually did it!  I will insist that my slob support group make me cleanie of the week!

24 thoughts on “Bathroom Counter Redoux

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  13. It reminds me of my husband’s shower. He loves Caress soap, and soap is deadly on acrylic showers. The soap leftovers crawl into every crevice of the shower. You know there must be at least 1,000 lines in those tiles. When we remodeled our master bath I had to use his bathroom – he refuses to use the master bath for some reason, so I refuse to clean his. Only this time I had to use it for a month. I discovered vinegar. It is wonderful on stains. But the soap —– not so much. I had to scrape it out of all the dips in the acrylic tiles, all the lines separating the fake tiles going both horizontally and vertically. It took the whole month that the master bath was out of commission. Know what I used? The top to the razor. It scraped beautifully after I wore out my thumb nail. We finished our new master bathroom over a year ago. Guess where he showers now?

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