Horsey Hallway



This beautiful original oil painting is hanging in my long hallway.  Brother hung it up when he moved in, under the hallway light, so it would be showcased.  Mama painted it from memory, of a pencil drawing Brother did when he was in school.  (We will skip over how many years ago that was!  You’re welcome.)

It’s titled “Longing”.  In person, you can actually see the longing in the horse’s eyes, and expression, for freedom.  Very poignant.

Sometimes, I long to be free of my slobbery.  It definitely fences me in, behind literal walls of stuff.

It keeps people from visiting me, because there is no place to sit, due to the laundry, or whatever, on every available flat surface.

When someone is brave enough to visit, and they’re persistent enough to tunnel out a place to sit, they’re usually uncomfortable.  Chaos is uncomfortable.  Our minds seek order. Even if I say it doesn’t bother me to live in such a slobby mess;  sometimes, it does get to me.  And, I despair of ever digging out of the mess.

So, I make stabs at it, here and there.  Last Tuesday, Mama came over and we decluttered, and she organized some, in my bedroom.  (Alert- future post.)

But, overall, what difference did it make?  Sure, I can look around and see carpet now, where I couldn’t before.  And sure, now I can actually see the table top.  And my shirts are actually hanging in my closet.  (GASP- I heard that!)

But, I still have so much to do, and so far to go.  Why do anything, really???

That’s what my slob brain says.  But my “wants to be a cleanie” brain says, “Don’t give up! There’s hope! Keep on doing something!”

I realize I may never be a cleanie, after all, I’ve been a slob for 54 years now.  But, I’m gonna keep on chippin away at the mountain.

Who knows?  Someday, maybe  I’ll be company ready without a 3 day marathon of cleaning!

And when that happens, you’ll be the first to know.  Promise.

13 thoughts on “Horsey Hallway

  1. I love the painting and your tie-in with longing to be free of slobbery! Great job chippin away at that mountain… if you always put things back where they go immediately after use, you will stop growing mountains. It will help you maintain your clean areas once they are cleaned. We all live in our homes… they don’t have to be spotless (don’t be so hard on yourself). Can’t wait to read your next post!


    • Thank you Nicole. One thing that hinders me from putting things back where they belong is, most of the time, I don’t know where that is! I need you for that part! Thank you so much for commenting, and following me.


  2. Keep going Melinda. Every day you clean something you’ll not only see the light at the end of the tunnel but you’ll feel great knowing you got something accomplished. I didn’t know that the painting was from something Curtis drew! That’s so sweet. Love ya girl. I say we have a reorganization party at your house one weekend. I don’t judge. We all have our clutter somewhere;)


    • Thank you Michelle. Yep, in school he drew all the time. Come on down girl! I will feature you in your own blog post! And be eternally grateful! My clutter just happens to be constantly on display, like a diorama.
      Love, Melinda


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