Organizing the Junk (Oh, I mean Treasures)

After Mama and I worked in my widdle woom, getting rid of trash, and salable stuff, (that I would let go of), then we she organized.  And I do have after pix of that.  No befores, of course.  sigh

Here is my table.  This is a definite after.  You’ll understand why I say that, as we go along.

20150317_22123920150317_221314   My bed is another definite after.  I don’t get the whole, make-up your bed, and you’ll feel better thing…  I’m gonna get right back in it shortly, sometimes very, very shortly.  Why bother???

Here is a before:

20150318_135038     Yay!! I remembered to take a before!  Sadly, we didn’t get to that dresser.  Hey, we only had 3 hours!!

20150317_221327   Believe it or not, this is an after!  Before you couldn’t even see the surface of the desk!  I know, I know, the shampoo can go to the bathroom, and so can the air freshener.  And the chips to the kitchen.  Quit ragging on me, trust me, it’s so much better now!  And yes, that’s my Cry Baby Bear there.  She is 53 years old, and ain’t going nowhere!!  Well, maybe outta the box, onto a shelf, but not out the door!!

20150317_221510   See how neatly the books are organized?  All Mama!!  I was having a hard enough time, letting go of stuff.  Organize too???  Beyond me!  Maybe someday… (Over the Rainbow…..)  Still have more work to do in those shelves,  but Rome wasn’t built in a day!

20150317_221249     This is how the corner by my closet looks now.  Before, there were 6 boxes, and junk piled on top.

20150317_221304          Yay! Carpet!  There was 1 more box there, and more piles of random stuff.

20150317_221259     Double yay! Even more carpet!  I can’t remember how many boxes were originally here.

All I know is, we took out those 2 huge boxes of trash, and the 1 cart full of yard sale stuff.  And it is sooooo much better in here!!  (Here, just in case you forgot what the garbage looked like.  You’re welcome.)

20150317_19414620150317_151736466px-Brompton_transport_roulettes  Mama’s cart was at least twice that size.  But of course, you know what happened, I forgot to take…..

So, one or two, three?? more sessions in my room ought to do it.  But I’ll try to take before pix next time.  Or, actually, I can use these as my befores!!  What a great idea!!

I know there can’t be any more trash in there, can there???  Only time will tell.  And you know I will definitely tell!!


Update: June 29, 2015.   I finally got the Expedit all done!!    Just in time to get rid of it, and move into My First Place!!       (Where it wouldn’t have even fit, unless I was able to sleep in one of the cubbies!!    LOL     So I sold it to Sis, who had plenty of room.)

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