Room Rotation

When DD1, PP, and I moved into this apartment, I gave the master to DD1.  I took the back room, bedrooms 2 & 3 were for storage, and PP’ s crib was in the living room.  We had no TV, so it wasn’t a problem.  When she went to sleep, we just went to our rooms.

DH and I were separated, so it was just us girls.


(I wish I was as young and cute as that!  DD1 is, but taller.)

When PP started getting older, her crib being in the living room started becoming a problem.  So, she needed her own room.  That created its own problem, since the other 2 bedrooms were full, I’m talking almost can’t shut the door, full of junk.  Sweet Friend put 1 roomful in storage.

Finally we managed to get one room cleared out enough for the crib and a dresser.  The futon, and a rocker stayed, along with lots of boxes in the closet.

So that was the first turn of the room rotation wheel.

slob, humor, spinning wheel

                           (I sure hope I don’t cause any seizures with this image!)

Then DD1 and PP moved out while I was in rehab for my back.

Another turn.

And DH and I reconciled when I got out.  He and I moved into the master.



That was the 3rd turn.

DD1 & PP returned home.   You guessed it, another turn,  because now we had to go into overdrive to clean out the remaining storage room for DD1, since PP went back into her old room.   So began a flurry of activities. Clearing out, sorting, selling, storing elsewhere, giving away, and trashing stuff like has never before been seen in this slob’s life.

DH and I separated again.  But no one else moved right then.  A miracle in itself!

DD1 and PP moved out again.  Another spin of the wheel.

Brother moved in.  He took the back 2 rooms, and I stayed in the master. Whirligig again.


DD1 and PP came back, and had to share 1 room.  (Dizzy yet??)   Not happy campers.

Brother wanted a little more privacy, and I didn’t mind moving, so around and around we go.  Where we stop, nobody knows.  Now Brother was in the master, I was in the back bedroom, DD1 was in the front room, and PP was in her old room again.  With me so far?  I know I have vertigo from all the switchbacks!!

Then DD1 got married, and she and PP moved out again.  Yay for their happiness!

Wheel spun again.

Now, Brother wants to go back to the 2 original rooms he had, to have more room.  It hasn’t happened yet.. And I’ll be back in the master, so I can have a bit more privacy..

If anybody else wants to move back in or out, or back and forth, (after we do this next switch of course) I think I might, just might, beat them with a wet noodle.  The pool kind, not spaghetti!



The moral of the story is, put all your furniture on sliders.  Makes it so much easier to move.


13 thoughts on “Room Rotation

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  11. Loved this post. Did brother move out finally ? He seems to be the boss of the situation.
    You are too kind hearted, Lucy is my take on this post. You are willing to open up your house and your heart to all the people who need you.

    Liked by 1 person

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