Huddles of Hangars (Nope, that would be for planes, try again) Hangers

Huddles of hangers? Groups? A congress of hangers, like for baboons??  Flock?

I don’t know what you call them, but I have 4 of them in 1 (yes, you heard me, one) closet.


Huddle 2

Huddle 2

Huddles 3 & 4

Huddles 3 & 4

Not sure who went to ALL the trouble of lining ’em up all nice and neat, into 4 huddles, but thanks!!


So, now what?? Do I just leave them there, to gaze at fondly, saying, “Wow! Look at how neatly all these hangers are organized!”  That way, I can truly say, I have 1 area under control!  Please, let me leave ’em, Kristen C.!!

Nicole, you will, right?? Pul- eeze??

Ok, fine, meanies.

I’ll donate them, if that’s okay? ( I don’t know if Salvation Army wants these thin ones they give you free with the clothes still on them, but they’re getting them!)  Here they are in the box, ready to go.


Oh, no! they got all tangled again!

Fine, I guess they prefer to huddle together.   Aw, let ’em, they’re on their way out the door, I guess they need all the comfort they can get!  

8 thoughts on “Huddles of Hangars (Nope, that would be for planes, try again) Hangers

  1. Ha! I am in the middle of a move and have run across SO MANY hangers, I could use a hangar to store them. Left some, trashed some, recycled some, and donated some… Still need to tame some… Thank you for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we hope to see you again on Friday!

    Life With Lorelai


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