pantry purge

I decided since I was sick and tired of being sick, and tired, I would be getting rid of wheat, corn,  tomatoes, and gluten.  All of which I am allergic to.  Also all grains, which includes rice.   Almost any thing with a label.  And, much to my sorrow, sugar.  (I gave away 3(3!!) 2 liters of Coke.  I am serious now! ) This comes under Physical recovery.  If I don’t take care of my health, no one else will. Sooo….

I purged the pantry, BIG time.

Flour weevils. Did you know they live in dried pasta? Me either.

Those black dots. Ewwww.

20150414_221650Had to trash those donations.

Here are the bags of stuff, ready to go out into the world and bless others.


This isn’t all the stuff that left, just what I remembered to take pix of!

Cheese, which has annatto, and 6 frozen Banquet meals, and ALL the candy I had hidden in various places.

The neighbors were more than happy to take the stuff off my hands.  Matter of fact, I think they thought I was off my rocker!

Five boxes of saltine crackers???  Really?  Did I expect to be pregnant any time soon? That ship sailed and was scuttled many years ago, thankfully.

Also had to throw away the Miracle Whip, salad dressings, Asian sauce, etc….

Even the peanut butter had sugar in it!  What????

Going to follow Wheat Belly way of eating. Not a diet, a life style change.  If I think of it as a diet, I’ll look forward to the end, so I can eat “normal” again.  If I ever hope to feel better, not like a 92 year old who is about to die,  then it behooves me to start thinking of white sugar, white flour – white death.  My chiropractor BFF, Joyous, has been telling me that for about, oh, 3 decades?  Why, oh why am I so stubborn?  Don’t answer that!

Looks pretty organized right? Just putting like with like. Nothing crazy like alphabetizing!

20150414_133929Sharp eye! Yes, I still have some yakasoba noodles for when PP comes over.  And cup of soups, which I gave to Bubba.

And apparently my helper didn’t realize cans of corn kernels were actually corn. Cuz you know, the label wasnt big enuff print, and the picture was of White corn! Very very tricky!

But with the weevils running around, I guess I really am gonna have to clean. Sigh

At least then my cardboard, I mean rice cakes will be safe.  Oops, I forgot, no grains…. sigh

But seriously, what can I eat???  I’ve already asked for lettuce leaf donations on Facebook.  No response yet.  Maybe I need to start a GoFund Me for vegetables.

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43 thoughts on “pantry purge

  1. Reading labels is important. I love peanut butter, my favorite source of protein. I buy the one with no sugar, pure natural. It may cost more but health is worth it. I’d rather spend my money on good food than pharmaceuticals.

    I avoid all animal products; did you ever watch Forks Over Knives? Not only does that benefit my health, but it benefits the animals lives too! Some Christians think it’s New Age, but it’s actually very OLD age, from Genesis 1:29. If God said He made plants for us to eat, I figure He knows what He’s doing and He knows what’s best for us. Besides, it makes me happy knowing I don’t contribute to the misery of factory farming. I cannot eat a dog, I feel the same about a pig; I cannot eat a horse, I feel the same about a cow.

    Health and every blessing to you dear Melinda!!

    ❤ carmen

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    • Thank you Carmen.
      No I never saw that.B ut I agree with you that God knows best!
      I will have to look for the all natural sugar free peanut butter.
      Not only my eating habits are changing, but my shopping too!
      God grant you all His many blessings.
      Love Melinda
      PS. Thank you so much for being my friend and sister in Christ!

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      • How are you feeling now Melinda- I know it is a year and a half now but how are the kidneys ? Are you still gluten free ?
        My daughter and I are doing gluten free now( she because she has been diagnosed as Polycystic ovarian disease at 17 and me to keep her company). Seriously I don’t miss wheat. And I am mostly rice free because rice is addictive and sometimes you can’t have too much of a good thing.
        Know what I eat- oats, quinoa, chia, fruits, veggies, and lots of eggs to ward off hunger. I stopped chicken too because it seems they all have hormones.
        Chocolate is out too unless it is sugar free.
        What do I do when I need a sugar kick, ? I look up, pray and eat a boiled egg- no, seriously.

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      • Thanks so much, for going back and reading these old posts, Susie. I really appreciate it! Yes, my kidneys are fine now. I’m so thankful to God! No, GF ended a year ago, unhappily. But, it’s my New Year’s Resolution again!!
        I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. Is your new diet helping?
        Does the egg and prayer work, as a sub for the sugar?

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      • After starting her GF since September and off sugar, more or less, she has lost 7 kgs and also the one period she had since, she had it naturally and normally meaning a 5 day period and with normal flow. So maybe the cysts have been shown the door and of course, we are all praying- we need to pray constantly or we tend to forget that he is in power.

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  2. Hi!
    I know Kristen from the Road to Domestication. Thank you for following my blog!!! Now you’ll always be notified of my Meet and Greets. Look, I’m at your “P” post. I love this alliteration!

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