the “c” word

Yes I did the “C” word. It’s so awful I don’t even want to tell you what it is.

Oh ok. Cook. Happy now?

I was hungry. No more cereal or instant oatmeal. No frozen waffles etc. What was I to do?  I had to make a decision to get over myself, my laziness, and be a grown up.  It was agony.

How stupid would it be if Brother or Sweet friend came over, and found me dead from starvation, 3 feet away from a kitchen full of food??  Even if it WAS raw food that needed to be cooked??

So… here’s proof:


20150418_13503420150418_135025The pictures cannot lie.  I cooked, in real life!

Good thing I’m into all this homemaking stuff.

I knew where everything was!  AND how to turn on the stove!  And I didn’t set off the fire alarm!!

(I was barefoot, and in the kitchen, but….. haha, you won’t catch me the 3rd thing!!)

All in all, I call it a success.

24 thoughts on “the “c” word

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  19. I am glad you learnt cooking when you were young, Melinda.
    Reminded me of my husband learning cooking at 54( now) so that he can survive if he is ever out in the wilderness on his own- modern flight travel being what it is, he could land anywhere, right ?
    But seriously, I am so happy for you that you are finally independent- of frozen precooked food.

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