Scooter Storage

Here is my scooter storage room.

20150403_11172520150403_11173320150403_11180420150403_111741    Really, not too bad, right?

The cabinet is DD1’s, but she has no room for it in her new place.  So, yay! I get to store it.  (What can I fill it up with??  The possibilities are endless!)

The crib railing is of course, PP’s.  It isn’t needed now that we converted the crib into a toddler bed.  (See above reason why it’s still in my house.)

I’m VERY proud of the fact that so much carpet can be seen in that room.  Now, if I can just get the empty boxes, and the litter outta there….

Maybe I could use it for my craft/sewing room, and have a real dining room again??  Oh, the joy!

I sure hope that black trash bag isn’t trash!!     You know what happened, right?  Of course the bag was full of trash!    Fortunately, it was clean trash though.  What?   You don’t know what clean trash is?   No, I didn’t prewash it!    It is just papers or something like that.   (No diapers or food!!)    This bag had those plastic bags of air, for shipping.   Was a shame to throw all that away, but I haven’t shipped anything but a quilt in many, many years.  So, spit, spot, out the door.

And then DH swept the carpet.  Y?    Because I like you.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)    I don’t own a vacuum.    Which is stupid, but true.    DD1 took hers when she moved out.  And it just isn’t high enough priority for me to get one.    On this low pile Berber, sweeping works to get off the surface stuff.      When I move, I’ll borrow a vacuum.     I can hear some of you cringing.     Hello- slob here!

Anyhoo, after it was all cleaned up, you can guess what happened next.    That’s right.          I forgot to take a picture.   Sigh

Update:   here’s the sequel!!

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