Brother’s Brave Bites

May 2, 2015.  A day that shall live on in our memories.

For the first time in my whole life!! I cooked an entire (3 item) meal from scratch, with no gluten or sugar!!

20150502_184737(Why am I always wearing pink shirts??  Do I only photograph myself on laundry days???)

20150502_172159Spicy Chicken Thighs

20150502_172210Buttered Broccoli Slaw (a little variance there, was supposed to be coleslaw, but I know Brother likes Broccoli, so I got that instead.  Good call!)

20150502_173204Brussels Sprouts Au Gratin.  Oh, so good!!! I will definitely make this again! and again, and again…..

My Brother and 1 other guest were brave enough to be the guinea pigs.

Brother approves!

Brother approves!



And they complimented me!

I was planning to make a GF cheesecake too, but I was too exhausted.  My mistake was in telling the guys my planned menu!  I caught a little lot of flak for not having the dessert made! lol  They love me anyway!

So, when I do bake 1, I’ll have to make 3!  One for each of us!  Because I doubt I’ll want to share!!

And oh yeah, they’re doing the dishes!


I’m so full and happy right now.  Bonus: nobody needed an ambulance!!

31 thoughts on “Brother’s Brave Bites

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  23. The brothers are really great to be willing guinea pigs and you must be a wonderful cook even though you do your best to put yourself down. I would self invite myself to a meal at your house, if I lived in the same country.
    BTW, who took the photo of you cooking ?

    Liked by 1 person

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