The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is terrifying to me.  I mean, there’s that big gaping hole,

Dun dun duh- the SINK

Dun dun duh- the SINK

where stuff falls in, and never returns.  And it sounds like a monster is eating it.  And it always stinks over there.  Dishes go there to die, and are never seen again.

The belly of the beast is even more terrifying than its mouth.


From all the growling noises emanating from under there, it must a HUGE beast.  It’s dark under there, and damp, and musty.

20150421_152050I opened the door, and jumped back real quick-( you know that’s a lie.)

The other side of the dragon's den.

The other side of the dragon’s den.

Question- how did it know that I was going to open the door?  Where does it hide??

What if I reach in there, and something grabs me!  I’ll die of a heart attack!  But, some compensation will be, no one will have to pay for a funeral.  The beast will just eat my flesh and bones, and burp up my metal knee.  Hope I give him indigestion!

Seriously, how often do you beard the dragon in its den??


Aha!  See?? You are scared too, and just don’t wanna admit it!

Nothing under there is worth my life.  I’ll just wait till Sweet friend, or Brother are around.  Then I’ll ask them to get it for me!  Sounds like a plan!

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