Melinda’s Messy Metal

Well, I got stuck there,  Couldn’t come up with an “M” word for desk.

So, I just left it like that.  To confuse all you skimmers. Ha,ha!  Now you have to read at least the first line or you’ll never know what it’s about! (evil laugh)

You’ve seen this before; but then it was an after… Now, we’re gonna make the after into a before, and go from there.  Oh gracious!  Don’t tell me I’ve already bumfuzzled you!

20150317_221327  Waiting for someone else to do it didn’t work.  Had to do it myself.   sigh  Kristen always encourages me that I can do it!

Do the easy stuff first.  Nony’s mantra.  And boy, do I ever agree with that!

Okay, so let’s just dive in.  The water’s great.

Chips, and candy to the trash.  (Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten about the Great Purge of  ’15???  Trust me, I haven’t.  But it’s all good.  At least the headache’s finally gone away.)

The shampoos and conditioner, duh!  Hi ho, it’s off to the bathroom we go.

The air fresheners??? Oh no!!! I don’t know where they go!!!  I’m stuck!  Bathroom? Laundry room?  Under the kitchen sink?  (wail)  I just don’t know!!!!!  [They ended up under the bathroom sink.]

Cry Baby Bear needs a special spot.  Where I can look at her all the time, but still accessible when I need to hug her, and cry all night.  Not that I ever do that.

The tape goes in the office drawer, which went away, with the gray cabinet.  Oh wait!  I still have it, it’s just not in the living room anymore!   Wow, good thing I don’t have to lead tours around my apartment.  The poor people would be lost, and wandering for days.

The rest of the stuff, I can’t see what it is from the picture.  (Yes, I have my readers on, thanks for asking!)

Okay, so when I actually walked over to the desk, ya know, about 2 feet away, now I can see what all is there.

And, I’m putting it away now, as we speak.

Here’s the proof. (Oops, forgot to include top shelf too.  But, it’s clean as well!)


That’s better!

Yes, Shirley, I put everything away, not just outta camera range!

Thanks Nicole, for being my inspiration to get this done!

Now, to get Sweet Friend to remove it from my house, since I don’t have a desktop anymore…

15 thoughts on “Melinda’s Messy Metal

  1. Wow! You’re becoming quite the organizer. As I am still dealing with my move… could I borrow Cry Baby Bear… I sure could use him sometimes. LOL Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we’re looking forward to what you have to share next week. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai


  2. Hi Melinda!
    It’s Janice. I have come on an official visit to Welcome you to last Monday’s Inspire Me Monday linky party. You know what they say–better late than never! =) Thanks for coming.


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