Doubling Down

20150515_154227(Please don’t ask about the 2 little chunks of red pepper– just pretend you didn’t see them, okay?? Please??)

Yep, that’s 2 3-hole purple paper punches.  When I was teaching, I used them ALL the time.  And why did I have 2 in the first place?  I’m sure you  can figure it out.  I was always losing one, using the other, until I lost it, and having to unearth the one.   Um hmmmm… Yes, I’ve always lived in my own special brand of chaos, ever since I moved outta my Mama’s house.

And I haven’t taught in, um… how many years now?   Several.  Okay, 6 and 1/2 years, if you ‘re gonna be picky about it.

So….. can I get rid of them?? Maybe? Possibly?  But what if I have to do a project, that I have to punch 3 holes in paper, right after I get rid of them??  (insert whiny voice here.)

Here they are:

In the Donate box.

In the Donate box.

Because, that’s real life, ya know.  You don’t need something till you get rid of it.   Yeah, yeah, I haven’t needed it in 6 years, so I might be safe.  But, I’m warning you right now, if I need it within the next 6 months, it’s coming outta YOUR pay, when I have to buy another one.

Alrighty then, onward to the next item.  A tape dispenser.


I know what you’re gonna say.  And no, I haven’t used it in 6 years either.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think anyone can use it, because the little rod that holds the tape in there is missing.   You want me to what??? (gasps in horror)  throw it away???  But, I’ll be killing Mother Earth, adding to the landfill!   Surely someone could use it for something…  Maybe I can give it to my Sister for Christmas, as a paperweight???

Decisions, decisions.  Those of you without slob brains, probably don’t know what I’m talking about.


Fine.  There, it’s in the trash.  May I please get out of the corner, and take off my “I am a hoarder” dunce cap?

I’m in such agony right now, from parting with my treasures… I don’t know how much more of this I can stand.

“It’s only getting rid of useless junk”, you say.  Ouch!  You’ve just stabbed me in the heart!

“De-clutter”, they said. ” It’ll be fun”, they said.  Yeah, right, like a root canal.

5 thoughts on “Doubling Down

  1. I always find some use for something I’ve got rid shortly after, even when I haven’t used it for years. But I also realised, after I had some stuff in storage for 5 years, that I could live without any of it. So keep going!

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