The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is terrifying to me.  I mean, there’s that big gaping hole,

Dun dun duh- the SINK

Dun dun duh- the SINK

where stuff falls in, and never returns.  And it sounds like a monster is eating it.  And it always stinks over there.  Dishes go there to die, and are never seen again.

The belly of the beast is even more terrifying than its mouth.


From all the growling noises emanating from under there, it must a HUGE beast.  It’s dark under there, and damp, and musty.

20150421_152050I opened the door, and jumped back real quick-( you know that’s a lie.)

The other side of the dragon's den.

The other side of the dragon’s den.

Question- how did it know that I was going to open the door?  Where does it hide??

What if I reach in there, and something grabs me!  I’ll die of a heart attack!  But, some compensation will be, no one will have to pay for a funeral.  The beast will just eat my flesh and bones, and burp up my metal knee.  Hope I give him indigestion!

Seriously, how often do you beard the dragon in its den??


Aha!  See?? You are scared too, and just don’t wanna admit it!

Nothing under there is worth my life.  I’ll just wait till Sweet friend, or Brother are around.  Then I’ll ask them to get it for me!  Sounds like a plan!

So Slobby Sewing Space

(Drats!  Couldn’t think of an alliterative title today.  Oh, the agony!  Guess I’m losing my touch.  sigh  { This was when I titled it Crafty Sewing Room.  Thank goodness I kept thinking!})

Comes from being old, plus losing half my mind over the years.  I did have 2 kids, you know. ( Someone told me insanity is inheirited, you get it from your kids!)


My Fabric Stash

My Fabric Stash


Long, long ago, this was my dining room, (before Nov. Yes, 6 months is a long time to me!  Every day’s a new day, when you’re insane.)  Now, it’s my craft/ sewing room. Not that much of either is being done in there right now.  Can you imagine if I tried to go in there with my walker?  I’d break more bones than just my back!

So annoying.  I know certainly can’t be responsible for all that chaos!  Why, I haven’t even been in there since Feb. 22.  So, I know I didn’t do it.

And, no, my fabric stash is NOT hoarding!  How dare you!!  I will use it all!  (Someday, in the future, before I die, provided I live to be a very old lady.)

Well, maybe I could organize it a little.  Just so it doesn’t become Hoarding Buried Alive, and strangle me in the night.

Some of those fabrics get very cranky when they feel under-appreciated.

Mama Mia

My Mama- so many memories…

mama me(She always has bright ideas!!)

Also known as “Grandmama”.

shower(Notice how I made sure to post the pix with me in them??)

We were poor growing up, but not as poor as her family.  They were dirt poor.

Chaney Siblings

Chaney Siblings, 5 out of the 11

It’s funny, my Sis, the baby of the family, never knew we were poor!  Brother says all we ever had to eat was beans!

Mama was a young wife, mother,  homemaker, teacher, driver, police officer! (more for Brother, than us girls! HA, don’t let me fool ya!), seamstress, head cook and bottle washer.

black eggsNo, her food isn’t rotten!  WE requested black deviled eggs for Brother’s 50th Birthday!

And she ALWAYS make biscuits, or hoecake, every day!  And a lot of times dessert daily, too.  (Where were you for that, Brother??  In his defense, we did eat an inordinate amount of beans.  They were cheap.)

But she was NOT a dumb bunny!  She loved to read, and instilled that in us.  Also, she raised us to expect to go to college, as a matter of course.  She never had a chance to go, as a young ‘un, but she wasn’t going to let anything stand in our way!  Sis and I both graduated from Southeastern University, straight out of high school.  Then a wonderful thing happened!  Mama quit her job, sold her house, and went off to college at 55 years old!   While she was there, she became an author, in the school’s publications.  We were all so proud!  She was the oldest student in her graduating class, and as she crossed the stage, she received a standing ovation!!

(No, I don’t have a pic of that, unfortunately.)

Then Brother got on board, and went to our Alma Mater.

When she graduated, she became an English Teacher in China, and a missionary.  God had called her as a missionary when she was 12 years old, and she had begun to think it was too late.  God always carries out His plans.

Now she’s a licensed minister, with the Assemblies of God.  And she speaks at Christ Cafe, about once a month.

Mama speaking at Christ Cafe

Mama speaking at Christ Cafe

Go, Mama! She amazes me with all she has accomplished in her life!

Update on Kitchen Clutter

It’s been _8_ days now, and my counters are still clean!  ( Relatively)

20150418_135025Here is the pic from Kitchen Clutter.

Here is from May 2, before I started cooking.

20150502_154836Yes, it’s the exact same pan! But I did wash it, because I needed it to cook the slaw!

20150414_222100To the right of the stove, from Kitchen Clutter.

May 2:

20150502_154843Still clean!  (relatively, except for the receipt.  The oil and vinegar are in their new homes.  Yes, I’m too lazy to move 2 more steps to the right, to the pantry.)

20150414_221823From Kitchen Clutter:

From May 2:

20150502_154828I promise it’s a completely different picture!  I’ve been keeping it clean!  Yay, me!

From Kitchen Clutter:


Now I have to go take a picture of that side.  It completely slipped my mind!!  (In my defense, it was behind me when I was taking the other pix.. My mommy eyes in the back of my head must be atrophied since I’m over a half century old now!)

potholder 004

Not so bad, really! 2 ice cube trays, a magnet, and a dish towel.  For a slob, that’s nothing!

I really am proud of myself.  Keeping it nice this long!  Now…. check back in another month– that’ll be the test!

Pink Proposition




I just found out about this 100 Word Challenge.  I’m excited to try it!

The prompt is : Pink  (100 words only)




Pudding Pop loves her Pink Play Kitchen.  She plays “Chef”.

When the “cellphone” rings, she answers it as the owner of the restaurant.  “Hewwo?  What you want eat?”

Then she busily prepares the banquet.  Fortunately, she has an “oven”, a “fridge”, and a “sink”, to aid in her endeavors.

And serves it on her little blue dishes.  “Mowe?” her little voice asks, as she signs more.

“No, thank you, I’m full.  But that was so delicious!” I answer.  “I’ll be back tomorrow for more!”

Happily, with rosy pink cheeks, she does the dishes.

Pudding Pop wins ” Chef” of the day!!


Brother’s Brave Bites

May 2, 2015.  A day that shall live on in our memories.

For the first time in my whole life!! I cooked an entire (3 item) meal from scratch, with no gluten or sugar!!

20150502_184737(Why am I always wearing pink shirts??  Do I only photograph myself on laundry days???)

20150502_172159Spicy Chicken Thighs

20150502_172210Buttered Broccoli Slaw (a little variance there, was supposed to be coleslaw, but I know Brother likes Broccoli, so I got that instead.  Good call!)

20150502_173204Brussels Sprouts Au Gratin.  Oh, so good!!! I will definitely make this again! and again, and again…..

My Brother and 1 other guest were brave enough to be the guinea pigs.

Brother approves!

Brother approves!



And they complimented me!

I was planning to make a GF cheesecake too, but I was too exhausted.  My mistake was in telling the guys my planned menu!  I caught a little lot of flak for not having the dessert made! lol  They love me anyway!

So, when I do bake 1, I’ll have to make 3!  One for each of us!  Because I doubt I’ll want to share!!

And oh yeah, they’re doing the dishes!


I’m so full and happy right now.  Bonus: nobody needed an ambulance!!

Scooter Storage

Here is my scooter storage room.

20150403_11172520150403_11173320150403_11180420150403_111741    Really, not too bad, right?

The cabinet is DD1’s, but she has no room for it in her new place.  So, yay! I get to store it.  (What can I fill it up with??  The possibilities are endless!)

The crib railing is of course, PP’s.  It isn’t needed now that we converted the crib into a toddler bed.  (See above reason why it’s still in my house.)

I’m VERY proud of the fact that so much carpet can be seen in that room.  Now, if I can just get the empty boxes, and the litter outta there….

Maybe I could use it for my craft/sewing room, and have a real dining room again??  Oh, the joy!

I sure hope that black trash bag isn’t trash!!     You know what happened, right?  Of course the bag was full of trash!    Fortunately, it was clean trash though.  What?   You don’t know what clean trash is?   No, I didn’t prewash it!    It is just papers or something like that.   (No diapers or food!!)    This bag had those plastic bags of air, for shipping.   Was a shame to throw all that away, but I haven’t shipped anything but a quilt in many, many years.  So, spit, spot, out the door.

And then DH swept the carpet.  Y?    Because I like you.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)    I don’t own a vacuum.    Which is stupid, but true.    DD1 took hers when she moved out.  And it just isn’t high enough priority for me to get one.    On this low pile Berber, sweeping works to get off the surface stuff.      When I move, I’ll borrow a vacuum.     I can hear some of you cringing.     Hello- slob here!

Anyhoo, after it was all cleaned up, you can guess what happened next.    That’s right.          I forgot to take a picture.   Sigh

Update:   here’s the sequel!!

Dying Dishes

Alright, here it is:

The much anticipated post about the counter on the left side of the sink.  Ya know, where dirty dishes go to die??

I wasn’t kiddin!


Yeah, some of those containers are the same ones from Refridge Refresh.  And how long ago was that???

And the loaf pan in the sink?? I have never personally used a loaf pan, as long as we have lived in this apartment.  And DD1 moved out 2 (2!!) months ago, so… yeah.  Dead, decaying dead.

And ya want to know something??

Jello is NOT water soluble!

1430146673217That is pineapple jello from when I had stomach flu, oh about 6 weeks ago!

After the “Purge”, I put hot water in there, and let it soak, and soak, and SOAK.  Nothing.

So I tried Dawn, and water.  Nothing.

Then it came down to scraping out with a spoon.  Not as easy as it looks!!

Then, I put it in the dishwasher.  Maybe I’ll remember to take a picture! I’m anxious to see the results myself!

(Yes, I ran the dishwasher over a week ago, your point?)


Well I’ll be. The dishwasher does work!  I was  starting to wonder if maybe the dishes only went in there for the sauna.

Hungry, Hungry Hamper

(Did you notice I referenced the kid’s game, “Hungry, Hungry Hippo”?  I thought it was clever.  Was it just me??)

Here’s what the corner of my bathroom, by the tub looked like before:


Now, I own a hamper.  And it does have dirty clothes in it.  So, why wasn’t it there, where I actually put my dirty clothes?? HMMM, let me think….

Okay, I can’t think of a good excuse.

Wait, I know!  I hadn’t read about creating systems that work in your home.  

Everyone knows you’re supposed to get organized, right?  And everyone has probably read at LEAST 1 book on the subject.  (Lord knows, I have, 12 or twenty, maybe??)

BUT, if you try to do all these things, but your family doesn’t work that way, you will be doomed to fail.  Then, you’ll feel like a failure.  Instead of realizing it’s not you, it’s that system that failed.

Just like almost everything in life, you have to find what works for you.  Having my dirty clothes hamper in the bedroom, or by the laundry closet didn’t work for me.

I needed it right where I take off my clothes, in the bathroom.  Obviously, I had a well established habit, of throwing my dirty clothes down in the corner.  So….

20150403_111709after I cleaned them all up, and washed those,

1430146016677I put the hamper where the huge pile of clothes was.  Voila!  My dirty clothes are contained where they belong!  And, I don’t have to learn a new habit.  I just adjusted the system to what works for me!

YAY! I can do what any 2 year old can do!  Look, Mommy! I put my dirty clothes away myself!!

Clothes and Carmen

Carmen, if it’s about clothes, you have to be included!

Here’s my closet.


Do I have too many clothes?

Just reading a blog the other day, (I think it was Nony from about having too many clothes.

And how most of us wear only 20% of our clothes for 80% of the time.  What?? That sounds cray-cray!

I wear mine, all of them!  (As soon as they’re clean! And I can find them in the pile.)  But, I must admit, I do have favorites, and unfavorites.  I hate stuff up on my neck, so if it’s a crew neck, I try to avoid wearing that.

20150419_151632     Oops, didn’t see the stain!

( That’s how you’ll know it’s laundry day! )

And of course, purple(lavender) has precedence over ANY other color.


But, my lavender jeans, that are long enough!!!! do not stay zipped.  And last time they did that, I was in church… walking in front of half the congregation, to get out the side door, on a walker, herding a screaming toddler…. Yeah, you can imagine how that went!  Thank God I was wearing purple undies!  And a long shirt!  So, maybe no one noticed…. Right…

(where’s that sarcasm font when you need it???)  At least I caught them every time before they hit my knees!!

Who needs hands on their walker??  I can use my forearm!

I needed several doughnuts to recover from THAT trek! ( In the pre-gluten free days!)

Any hoo… where was I?? Oh, yeah!  Too many clothes.

So, maybe, just maybe my favorite, lavender, long enough jeans need to go.  I’ll need support to handle this one, ladies!  Do you know how hard it is to find lavender jeans?? that are long enough???  in a size (mumble, mumble)??

Who cares if they don’t stay up??  Oh, I see, everyone who sees me. Oh, okay.

Well, drats.  I guess they go in the donate pile.  A moment of silence , please. (Taps plays softly in the background).