Dratted Dishes

These dratted dishes!  I swear, I just washed them, last month!  And it was these exact same dishes!

I do adore them, but not when they’re annoyingly dirty!

Why oh why do I need to eat??

Love these square dishes!

Love these square dishes!

I just wanna be a Breatharian!!

It works for air plants, right??


Aha! Found another way! Paper bowls, and plates!!  And yes, they are a real thing.

(I tried foam- not so good in the microwave, or if something is hot in general.  It melts.  Go ahead, ask me how I know??)

I’ll get on top of these dishes someday!

But, tomorrow’s another day!

23 thoughts on “Dratted Dishes

  1. Dishes multiply and breed when you are not looking. It is a well know fact in my universe.
    I dread going into my teenagers room to look for missing dishes. Good luck.
    Stopping by from Monday Madness.

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  5. Some people really do live on light and air (I think they live mostly in India). I wish I knew how they did it! I’d have so much more time if I didn’t have to shop, cook and wash up. Eating is nice, but it only takes minutes compared to the hours spent working for money to buy food, shopping for it, preparing it and cleaning up after it. Light and air is free, readily available, doesn’t need cooking and doesn’t make a mess.

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