Chunky Chicken

20150520_095906The canned, bagged ingredients.

20150520_095957Washed and ready to kill, uh, I mean slice.  😉

sigh, my 2 favorite kinds of bread

sigh, my 2 favorite kinds of bread

Open the cans, and bag, dump into mixing bowl, add mayonnaise, sugar free of course.

Then the grapes, and garlic powder, if you have it. ( I didn’t.)  Mix.

Cut open the croissants.  Stuff, enjoy!

Ooops, I forgot to tell ya what we were making!  Sis and I were making Mama’s recipe for chicken salad.  It’s so good!

My kind of cooking!  I bet you wish we had Smell-o-vision today, don’t ya?

Nanny, nanny, boo boo.  I have it, not you.

I was very good, and didn’t eat the bread.  I’m gluten-free, remember?  I did.

No after pictures exist…  Who wants to take the time to stop and take pix??  We were hungry. and about to starve!Inspire Me Mondays

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15 thoughts on “Chunky Chicken

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