Dresser Drawers

No, not drawers, get your minds outta the gutter, Southerners.

Dresser drawers, as in containers for stuff.

My dresser is also my nightstand.  (Nice use of furniture for double duty there, Melinda  Why, thank you. (sweeping curtsy)

It has 3 drawers.  Full of ??? Treasure?? It sure is a hunt, whenever I need something outta there.

Or just plain junk?  Let’s compromise on stuff, okay?

Let’s be honest, some is probably (takes deep breath) just junk.

There, I confessed!   You can turn off that terribly hot, bright-as-the-sun, interrogation spot light now.

Top drawer

Top drawer

This is my top drawer, my own, personal pharmacy. ” Whaddya need?  Step right up, and tell the lady.  She has something for whatever ails ya.”  (carnival barker’s voice)

I’ve already taken a whole plastic bag of empty pill bottles to the Publix Pharmacy to recycle.  Could I be bothered to take a before pic??? Noooooo

But here’s an after the before pic.  Whaaaa??   It is an af-ter pic of what the be-fore should have looked like.  Okay, say what?  One more time… s l o w l y..  I forgot to take a before pic (before I recycled the pill bottles.)  With me so far?

So, here is the after the before picture.  Got it?  No???  Still not computing?  Well, I got a little confused there myself, so don’t sweat it.

2 of my 4 meds

2 of my 4 meds

Also, besides the pharmacy,

it’s the photo developing  department,

How OLD is this? Do they even make film anymore?

How OLD is this? Do they even make film anymore?

jewelry graveyard,

Unwearable, unless I find a repair person. Yeah, right.

Unwearable, unless I find a repair person. Yeah, right.

art gallery,

Sis, DD1, DD2, me, Mama

Sis, DD1, DD2, me, Mama

nail salon,

I even used them, twice!

I even used them, twice!

Christian bookstore,




Relax! It's a rubber pellet gun.

Relax! It’s a rubber pellet gun.

card store,

For PP (obviously)

For PP (obviously)

and, last but not least, my filing cabinet, for very important documents:


No wonder it was so full!!!

It was a whole mall in one drawer.



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21 thoughts on “Dresser Drawers

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  2. Ha! I always love your brutal honesty with a twist of humor. You’re an inspiration for slobs everywhere! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we love partying with you! Hope to see you next Friday. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai


  3. I have a couple of junk drawers that I should really sort through! Thanks for sharing your post with us at the Merry Monday link party. Hope you’ll join us again next week! Sharing your post on Twitter!


  4. so honest, so true and so real, I think all happy go lucky and life loving have same habits like you dear as i think im the most laziest person who waits some one to come and quench my thirst by giving me a glass of water. i would avoid it getting up and drinking it hahahahahaa
    loved reading your post ❤


  5. So how’s this drawer going now? You need some purple containers to corral all those wayward bits into some semblance of a system. Not too much but even a mall has walls between the shops. Yep, I think I’m suggesting you play shop in your drawer…maybe I need to go take something and lie down for a bit?


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