Hoarded & Holding

Here is the top of the entry hall closet.


Okay, the ice cream freezer is perfectly reasonable.  So is the Swiffer refill.  The cake keeper??  Probably not so much.  It has never held a cake , in the approximately 10 years I’ve had it.

Hmmmm.  Does that mean it needs to go??  Well, it sure doesn’t pass the “If you haven’t used it in a year, toss it” test.  So, I guess so.  (It won’t break my heart.)

But, as Sweet Friend just pointed out, now that I’m doing the “C” word, I might find a use for it.  (No wonder I can’t get rid of stuff, I’m being sabotaged!)

Ha! I got rid of it anyway!



And what do you mean that I’m hoarding shopping bags?? I use them!  No, I’ve never needed all of them at once.  No, I don’t know how many I have.  Can I just maybe get rid of a few that aren’t purple?  I’ll happily do that!  Cheerfully, even!

I had 22.  Yes, I was hoarding them.  {hangs head in shame}

Bags be gone!

1- thrown away, for some reason it stunk!

11 donated,  10 kept.

PP C 076

Not tidy, whatever, there's less

Not tidy, whatever, there’s less

Also, the gift bags, aye yi yi, the gift bags!  I had —-18—— of them! And, I don’t even want to talk about the bows!

Bag o' Bows

Bag o’ Bows

Now, Neat

Now, Neat

Here’s the bows, after throwing away the trashed ones, and assorted pieces of bedraggled ribbon:

Much better!

Much better!


Okay, I can explain.  The bottles that appear to be wine, are in fact, sparkling grape juice.  Sister got them for 20 cents a bottle! So, yes! I told her to buy me as many as she could!  Which turned out to be 4. Woo hoo!  I am set for this year’s NYE party!!  Maybe I can even have a party! because my home will be de-cluttered enough to not need a week, a backhoe, and 4 strong men to clean !!  Yay!! That’s what I’m working towards!!

Yeah, maybe the broken down boxes can go.   sincerely hope I’m not moving any time soon!!  (This was written looong ago, before I knew about Brother leaving, and the choices of whether to move or not.)

Don’t know what’s in that box.  Perhaps it needs a quick look-see?

Definitely need to keep the Swiffer, and use it!

The vacuum is from an anonymous donor.  When they read that I didn’t have one, they gave me this.  How wonderful!

So, now I just need to do a few little tweeks, and Voila!

Nope!  Just kidding!

Just when I think I’m done with the bags, I haul out that big box and find 8 more hiding in the back!  Oy vey.  4 purple to stay, 4 others to go.

Then to make things festive, this pops up.

20150602_222359Last year’s Christmas basket o’ greens.  Not so green any more. But I must say, they do look pretty good in that photo!

Oh, the box? Verizon components from 2 places ago. Oops.  Guess that’ s why the final bill was so high, I still haven’t paid it off yet..  Maybe I should take care of that right away.  Better take a lesson kids- this is where slobbery and procrastination gets ya- in big money trouble!

I even swept!

I even swept!

1 more closet done,  5 more to go!  (Well, only 3 more of mine, not doing Brother’s 2!)

15 thoughts on “Hoarded & Holding

  1. Melinda, I thoroughly love this post. This is going on my favorites list. Maybe because it’s so human, maybe because I see myself so well – it’s like looking in a mirror – I can’t describe it. I read it and I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry, but thanks. Very much.


      • May I link to this page for my Thursday ‘Blog Of The Day’? I’ll take it down from my site on by Friday morning. And when being honest makes your week that’s a great thing!


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