soap or shampoo

Why do I have so many products in my shower when I only use 1?

There's a tube inside.

There’s a tube inside.

Smells so good.

Smells so good.

Product, product everywhere

Product, product everywhere

Annnnd, 1 more

Annnnd, 1 more

Guess I could de-clutter some. Reckon?

I gave the yogurt body wash to Shirley.  She took it, even though I warned her, it felt slimy, all over my body!

What do I mean I only use 1 product? Well shampoo is for hair, right? And we have hair all over our bodies, right? So all I use is shampoo.

Partly cuz I can’t read the bottles, without my glasses.  Partly cuz I’m too lazy to do 2 steps. I only have 2 inches of hair, so why fuss?

And it’s cheaper too! Got my shampoo on sale with coupons for cheap cheap.

Now, the good part:

Products- poof!

Products- poof!

No more rack, and stuff here!

No more rack, and stuff here!

Oops, I forgot to take a before of that part.  Oh well, y’all are used to that by now, right? 😉  (And I’ve donated the rack already, so no way to fake the shot!)

I kept the Cherry Blossom shampoo.



That one is gone!  Oops!  Didn’t realize how nasty that corner was.  Tra la, I’ll think about that some other day.

Aaahhhhh! That looks better.  Ummm, as in de-cluttered better, not cleaned better!

I can’t get rid of the tube in PP’s cups, because it floats.  And she loves to play with it.


Thus endeth my soap or shampoo saga.

18 thoughts on “soap or shampoo

  1. I keep a pretty good handle on my shower products. My grown daughter who lives with me as she finishes her college career is the one who keeps buying stuff. We are going to remodel our master and FINALLY add a second bath, so I will be the queen of my domain! I admire you for throwing sh*t out, I need to do as well!

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    • THose pesky grown kids, right? lol YAY for extra baths!! Thanks, it’s taken many years, and multiple moves, to finally realize, stuff is part of what was making me crazy! Not to mention, it doesn’t add to my happiness. I’ll be glad to hire myself out as a motivational speaker! I’ll call you one on one, and yell “Throw it out!” haha

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