Dresser Drawers, Doubled

My undies are supposed to be in this second drawer.  (Of course they’re not there.  What do you take me for, A Cleanie??)

Where are they one might inquire?  Surely, one might inquire, but I plead the Fifth.  No need to incriminate myself.

I forgot to take a pic, of course.  And now the dresser is gone.  (YAY!!)

The bottom drawer is supposed to be for pajamas, etc.  So, of course I have my winter gloves, and hat there.

Bottom Drawer

Bottom Drawer

Makes perfect sense to me!

And by the way, this is FLORIDA.  Where we have maybe 3.2 days of cold weather, (cold enough for gloves.)

So, why do I have 5 pairs???  And 2 of them identical?  smh

I need answers here!

A two-fer! Bought these when I couldn't find the other 3 pair.

A two-fer! Bought these when I couldn’t find the other 3 pair.

One of the 2 identical pair.

One of the 2 identical pair.

Think I can donate some of them??   I don’t know, what if I suddenly lose 4 of them, and if I already have gotten rid of the 5th, how will my hands stay warm?  Hmmmm?  I ask you?

I got rid of all but 1 pair.  Now I better keep track of them!  Maybe knowing I only have 1 pair, will motivate me.

Here’s hoping.

15 thoughts on “Dresser Drawers, Doubled

  1. Your constant cleaning and organizing is both inspirational and exhausting! We are soon going to build a room addition to add to our master bedroom, which means adding a bathroom and walk-in closet! We have to gut the entire bedroom this Fall so I am going to refer back to your posts and get into the groove of tossing things willy-nilly! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


    • Well, I go to my sweet friend’s house, which is now only about 1/4 mile away. When I started blogging, I had a laptop, or else I wouldn’t have started!! But when it crashed, I couldn’t afford to replace it. I can answer emails on my phone, but have to come over here to write. Janice WAld showing me how to schedule posts saved my sanity!!

      Thanks, Stella. I know you understand!!


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