Dresser Drawers

No, not drawers, get your minds outta the gutter, Southerners.

Dresser drawers, as in containers for stuff.

My dresser is also my nightstand.  (Nice use of furniture for double duty there, Melinda  Why, thank you. (sweeping curtsy)

It has 3 drawers.  Full of ??? Treasure?? It sure is a hunt, whenever I need something outta there.

Or just plain junk?  Let’s compromise on stuff, okay?

Let’s be honest, some is probably (takes deep breath) just junk.

There, I confessed!   You can turn off that terribly hot, bright-as-the-sun, interrogation spot light now.

Top drawer

Top drawer

This is my top drawer, my own, personal pharmacy. ” Whaddya need?  Step right up, and tell the lady.  She has something for whatever ails ya.”  (carnival barker’s voice)

I’ve already taken a whole plastic bag of empty pill bottles to the Publix Pharmacy to recycle.  Could I be bothered to take a before pic??? Noooooo

But here’s an after the before pic.  Whaaaa??   It is an af-ter pic of what the be-fore should have looked like.  Okay, say what?  One more time… s l o w l y..  I forgot to take a before pic (before I recycled the pill bottles.)  With me so far?

So, here is the after the before picture.  Got it?  No???  Still not computing?  Well, I got a little confused there myself, so don’t sweat it.

2 of my 4 meds

2 of my 4 meds

Also, besides the pharmacy,

it’s the photo developing  department,

How OLD is this? Do they even make film anymore?

How OLD is this? Do they even make film anymore?

jewelry graveyard,

Unwearable, unless I find a repair person. Yeah, right.

Unwearable, unless I find a repair person. Yeah, right.

art gallery,

Sis, DD1, DD2, me, Mama

Sis, DD1, DD2, me, Mama

nail salon,

I even used them, twice!

I even used them, twice!

Christian bookstore,




Relax! It's a rubber pellet gun.

Relax! It’s a rubber pellet gun.

card store,

For PP (obviously)

For PP (obviously)

and, last but not least, my filing cabinet, for very important documents:


No wonder it was so full!!!

It was a whole mall in one drawer.



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Terrible Trash

My terrible trash can was, ahem, filthy.  It’s so annoying how that keeps happening!   I just keep going along, throwing things away, then BAM!  I empty it, go to replace the liner, and phew!  The smell hits me right in the old snozzola.

The agony!


Then I actually have to clean the stupid thing, cuz once you smell it, you want it outta your house!

The lid

The lid

The bottom

The bottom

I know what you’re thinking.  Why didn’t I see the mess before??

Ummm, slob-o-vision!

Anyway, here we go to clean it.  First, I pour in Dawn and let it soak.  Then, give it a good ole scrub.

Ta-Da! Now it looks like this!

PP C 101Well, I thought it was clean.  Until I saw this:

More yuck

More yuck

Why oh why, do my eyes have to be opened now???  I liked it better when I could ignore stuff!

Ok, round two.

PP C 101Yep, same picture.  [grumble, grumble]  can’t get away with anything around you people.

Alright, here’s the real after, after:

Whoa, wait a minute.  What is my goal here?  Perfect sterilization??  Or clean enough to be healthy, and livable?

Ummmm, I’m thinking comfy, and clean enough.

And now, the gory-less garbage can:

PP C 102 Looks so pretty.  No, not perfect, but pretty.

P.S.  No one is allowed to throw anything away in it.  You will have to walk all the way down to the dumpster.

That’ll teach ya to make trash.



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Expedit Expedition

My Expedit, in case you’re not an Ikea fan, is from there.  And they name ALL their furniture.  And it’s in the sales contract, that you have to call it by its proper name, or they come repossess it.  It’s 6 foot tall, so reaching those boxes on the top, will be like an expedition to Mount Everest.  ( And will leave me just as breathless.)  Well, maybe not THAT high.  Um… Bok Tower??  Yes, I’m 5’10”, what’s your point?




But before I can even reach the boxes, I have to move the clutter in front of the Expedit.  And I hope I’ll make decisions about where it goes, instead of moving it outta the way, and putting it right back.  (Hope springs eternal.)

Now we have another dilemma… Remember when Nicole, and Kristen C. and I had our little discussion about containers??  And cardboard boxes being not really the class of containers we want?  Well, I still haven’t had a surprise package from The Container Store, so…  we’ll just to use the boxes until we can do better.  Don’t hate the playa, hate the game, girls!

I would dearly love some purple bins, enough for every cubby.  But that is a pipe dream, because I don’t think they have them that size in the Dollar store.


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Bedroom closet

MIddle Top

Middle Top

Far Left Top


Right Top

Left , Hanging

Left , Hanging

Bottom, Right

Bottom, Right

Why, yes, that is a hospital gown.  What?  Like you don’t have one.  You don’t?  Really?

I had to wear it home, that time they took me nek-kid to the hospital.  Remember?

I got rid of some stuff outta here, but probably not as much as I should have.  But, you’re not the boss of me.  It’s my house, I can keep whatever I want to.  So there.

I did get rid of the potty bucket.  Yay! 1 thing!  Ah, ah , aa!  (The Count from Sesame Street.  I’m not sure how to spell his laugh.)

And 1 pillow.  Yay! 2 things!

And the empty(!!) cardboard box, under the pillows.  Yay! 3 things.

(Empty box?  Insanity!)

Ok, enough already of the Count.

The empty grapevine wreath, the fake flowers, the red dress, and the cardboard box beside the potty bucket, all went too.

All in all, I’m calling it better than it was!

Oh, you wanted after pictures?  Oopsie!

Chunky Chicken

20150520_095906The canned, bagged ingredients.

20150520_095957Washed and ready to kill, uh, I mean slice.  😉

sigh, my 2 favorite kinds of bread

sigh, my 2 favorite kinds of bread

Open the cans, and bag, dump into mixing bowl, add mayonnaise, sugar free of course.

Then the grapes, and garlic powder, if you have it. ( I didn’t.)  Mix.

Cut open the croissants.  Stuff, enjoy!

Ooops, I forgot to tell ya what we were making!  Sis and I were making Mama’s recipe for chicken salad.  It’s so good!

My kind of cooking!  I bet you wish we had Smell-o-vision today, don’t ya?

Nanny, nanny, boo boo.  I have it, not you.

I was very good, and didn’t eat the bread.  I’m gluten-free, remember?  I did.

No after pictures exist…  Who wants to take the time to stop and take pix??  We were hungry. and about to starve!Inspire Me Mondays

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daunting duplication

Seeing double??

Twice as Nice

Twice as Nice

How did I come up with 2 can openers? 2 exactly the same can openers?

Bumfuzzles me!

Twice the toothpicks?

Pickin' and Grinning, Anybody?

Pickin’ and Grinning, Anybody?

Seconds of Sea salt:

Savory Selection

Savory Selection

5 paring knives?

How many hands do I think I have??


Four Fork-prongs:

Had to do some fancy word dancing, there.

Had to do some fancy word dancing, there.

Everybody screaming for ice cream?

Everybody screaming for ice cream?

Sets of spoons

Sets of spoons

Super sweet!

Super sweet!

A congress of cups?

A congress of cups?

(Unnecessary, and taking up needed space.)

Pouring out of pitchers

Pouring out of pitchers

Can you guess which one always held the tea?  😉

Both Breads

Both Breads

Great: Graters

Great: Graters

Six Seasoned Spoons

Six Seasoned Spoons

Trio of Scoopers (Couldn't do the alliteration thing.  I tried.

Trio of Scoopers
(Couldn’t do the alliteration thing. I tried.

So, it looks like I have some fodder for reducing here!

Donated 1 can opener, kept both toothpicks, (what? we have 32 teeth apiece, right???  Well, some of us more than others.)

Kept both salts, even though I’m not supposed to eat it.  But, I’m thinking of my guests, here.  I’m being self-sacrificing!

Banished the black fork, and the blue scoop, for obvious reasons… Can I spray paint kitchen utensils???

Still have the set of stevias, kicked the red and black measuring spoons to the curb, dumped the black and white measuring cups, and poured out the tainted pitcher.

Only have the 1 bread knife now, and 1 grater.  Considering that I’ve never used a grater since I was 10 years old, we’ll see how long I keep even 1!

Begone, blue spoon, and the metal spoons.  I just got new non-stick pots at Christmas, and I plan to keep them nice!

Wow, that felt good!!  Daunting duplication no more!

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So Slobby Sewing Space Sequel

Remember not long ago when I boasted about my superb sewing space?

Not changed at all

Not changed at all

Yeah…. not so much now.  😦

In the continuing effort to pare down, by purging, I gave up the nice big gray cabinet, which was wonderful for storage.  Purging  it caused a twinge of angst, but only a small one.

Then, Brother needed more room, so his ginormous bean bag somehow ended up in there.

Brother's Ginormous Beanbag chair

Brother’s Ginormous Beanbag chair

Hmmmm, how exactly did that happen?    That thing is heavy!

Then someone gifted me with a huge bag of fabric for quilting.  Who could turn that down? Not I!

And just when the storage cabinet went away too.

Gray cabinet gone, gone

Gray cabinet gone, gone

Bad timing there!

So, once again it’s a slobby sewing space.  sigh  And here I had been breaking my arm, patting myself on the back that I was making progress.

So how much does it count to have gotten rid of 1 huge thing, when it put the whole room straight back into chaos again??  See how I blamed the cabinet’s absence for the mess, instead of admitting it was me?  Pretty slick, right?


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Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, by Anne of The Main Focus.


Thank you, Anne!!

I’m so thrilled and excited!!  My 2nd Blogger Award!!

You like me, you really like me!

This is what Anne said about me:

“Purple Slob In Recovery  – Very encouraging blog which I enjoy reading daily. She describes her life as a mother, wife and grandmother. She has a very positive side to life.”

Wow, so wonderful to hear such good things about myself!!


1. Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Share ten random facts about yourself.

3. Nominate ten more bloggers who are fairly new to blogging.

Ten Random Facts:

1.  I’m finding out I like a clean house!  (I know! I was shocked too!)

2. Just bought my first (all by myself) home.  (A $500 trailer.  It was a steal!!)  ALERT:  New post coming soon!    (That was it, btw.)

3.  I read books under the covers , with a flashlight, ALL the time as a kid.

4.  I even read in the tub.  (No, I didn’t splash and ruin them.)

5.  I read while walking down the halls, in high school.  (I’m tall, so I held the book lower than my eyes, and never ran into anyone.  … Okay, mostly never….. Okay, hardly ever…..  Okay, once or twice)

6.  I was Sargent At Arms, in my DCT club as a junior.  I was in charge of making sure the boys wore a tie.  I once ran one down across the front lawn, and tackled him.  He put on the tie.

7.  I fell in puppy love with a guy, when I was a senior in high school, just because he was 6’7″.  He was 25, so he wouldn’t date me until I showed him my license, that I was already 18.  Smart guy!!

8.  My second husband died just 2 months after our wedding.

9.  I knew my children were girls, as soon as I found out that I was pregnant, both times.

10. I don’t miss Coke, and doughnuts as much as I thought I would.   (Update, I was only fooling myself.)

10 Fairly New Bloggers:

1.  http://poetreecreations.org/  This site is no longer valid.

2.  Kellie

3.  Hugh

4.  Chris

5.  Gail

6.  Janice

7.  http://livelovelaughdotme2.com/2015/06/07/unbearable-cuteness/ apparently this site is no longer valid.

8.  http://moreatforty.com/

9. Linda

10. Splashed

Sorry, I don’t know everyone’s names yet.  Enjoy!

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Cheap Choices

Brother has given his 6 months vacate notice.  Great, now I have 6 months to stew about what to do.

Not really, I’m happy for him.  He’ll be moving on to the next chapter in his life.

I don’t see anything wrong with 50 something siblings sharing an apartment, do you?  (no, not 50 siblings, siblings in their 50s.  You’re so funny.)

Our apartment is the bottom one.

Our apartment is the bottom one.

What?  You think it seems like we never grew up?

Well, that’s true!  When we are together, you might think we are teens again!  Wild and cray-cray!

me,curt,michelle Sometimes we let Sis play too.  Awww, ain’t we sweet??

So, I’m thinking I’ll have two choices:

Either 1. Stay here, and get another roomie,

or       2. Downsize into a cheaper place.

Both choices have their advantages.

#1, I wouldn’t have to move!! HUGE advantage!

#2, I’d save money, and be forced to purge even more.

I’ve started looking around, just for funsies.

Found a 500 sq. foot trailer, in a retirement park.  Big plus-NO KIDS!! Aaaah, peace and quiet!  Not that I hate kids, but they do make a lot of noise!!  (And they knock on my door and run away- errrggghh)

I would have to purge BIG time, since my stuff occupies 3 outta my 4 bedrooms, and 5 outta the 7 closets.

Hmmm, I thought I HAD purged!  But, I guess I better see what else can go out the door.  500 sq. feet is less than half of my present 1200.  Wow, I can do math!

Best thing about this trailer is, it only costs $100!!!


The other excellent thing is, it’s right beside Sweet friend’s place!!  I go to his house all the time, to use his Internet.  So, I’d save gas money, just walking across the yard!

Not to mention, the lot rent is cheaper than my rent, no charge for water, and since it’s smaller, probably less electric.  Win/win

BUT, is there a floor you say?  Yes, it just lacks floor covering, and there’s a tiny detail of all the wires hanging out of every electrical socket.  But, I’m sure a little duct tape would fix that right up.

And there’s no plumbing,  (not even the pipes!!)  and the hall is so narrow, I have to suck in everything, and scootch sideways.  But, I’m losing weight, so that should be okay in time, right?

And no appliances.  But, I don’t need to cook!  Or have any cold food, or shower, or use the restroom, or have lights…..

ALRIGHTY then!  You’ve talked me outta it.  Happy now?

The handicapped apt. I applied for back in December is only 500 sq. feet as well, so needs must start paring down in any case.

So, hang onto your hats, ladies and gentleman.   Stuff will be flying outta my house at the speed of light!  Better duck when you walk down my hall.

I’ll be a minimalist in no time!

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Moving Microwave

Last night I read, and read, and READ organizing blogs till my eyes crossed.

I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was Buildblog blah blah

that said get rid of your microwave.


Now, that is down right heresy!  I need my micro!

But, the article did connect in my slob brain about setting up your home for yourself.  And I’m tall, so I can put the micro back on top of the fridge where DD1 and I had it a while ago!

PP C 082

Poof-more counter space! Yippee!

Then I remembered, someone else in this house is not as tall as me.

And that would be kinda mean, to put it up where he can’t use it.

But! I could put a step ladder there! That would solve it!

Okay, fine, I won’t move the microwave up there.

But! Then I had another brainstorm!

Or else I heard the echo of Sweet friend saying, “Move it to the other counter, right of the sink.”


Final placement. (I think.)

Final placement. (I think.)

And look how purdy my (almost) empty counter looks now!

Clear Cooking Space!

Clear Cooking Space!