tidy toilet

This is an after. Yes, you heard me right, an after.


THUD. That’s the sound of all the Cleanies hitting the floor as they faint.  My after is their worst nightmare of a before.

Don’t worry. There isn’t a before on record.  I do not want you clawing your eyes out to not see it.

Suffice it to say, it was bad.  So bad in fact, that no one but me would even go in there.  A guest accidentally wandered in, and ran out screaming something about ecoli clouds choking her.

It wasn’t That bad. Well… Maybe it was.

Anyway, after the health dept. threatened to shut down my apt. I knew something had to be done.  So donning my trusty haz mat suit, I waded into battle.

As you can see, I won the war:

Truly Tidy Toilet

Truly Tidy Toilet


16 thoughts on “tidy toilet

  1. Since our flood, I’ve cleaned ours only a couple of times. The construction crew is using it. I left toilet bowl cleaner next to it and I guess one of them is cleaning it! And they are bringing toilet paper! I’ll have to eliminate the hard water ring but that’s easy to do.


    • Thank you Erlene. Saying I’m funny is the best compliment ever. Three??? My deepest sympathies!! I’ve got an idea, on 2 of them, put a sign saying “Closed for construction.” Voila! Only 1 to clean! 😉


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