Bundles of Bibles

Guess how many Bibles I had on my Expedit??  Go ahead- guess!

6!!  ( I couldn’t wait.  Sorry I blurted it out, before you had a chance to think.)

4 of 6

4 of 6

My latest, and newest favorite

My latest, and newest favorite

Children's version

Children’s version

And I’m fully certain I can’t read all of them at once.  So, that being said, more than 1 or 2, might be {gulp}

clutter.  Shudder.   I can’t believe I just admitted that!

Hence, the need for de-cluttering.

Now, decision time;  exactly how many Bibles does 1 person need?

Let me start reasoning this out:  The burgundy one in the top photo is fairly new, large print, but is not sentimental to me, at all.  So, that one can go.

The orangish one is an old one of mine that is not sentimental at all either, so it can go.

Hey, this de-cluttering stuff isn’t as hard as I thought it would be!

The brown, spotted one is a really old one of Mama‘s, that she wrote comments in.  That one can NOT go!!  It is very sentimental to me.  I love reading it occasionally, and seeing what verses were particularly meaningful to her.

The one at the bottom, with a tree on it, was given to me by my parents, when I was 8.  VERY sentimental!   Keeping that one as well.

So, let’s see; so far out of 4 Bibles, I’ve gotten rid of 2, and kept 2.  Hmmmm…. 50%- how bad is that?

Any reduction in stuff, is good, right?  Nicole?  Kristen?

Considering I won’t have any bookshelves in my new place….  oh wait!  I have Granny’s corner cabinet!!


It has shelves!!  That can be my Bible bookshelf!  Hurray!

Of course I’m keeping the purple one.  (that’s a no brainer!)





55 thoughts on “Bundles of Bibles

  1. I have a client that has SO MANY bibles! I actually haven’t counted them, but I’m guessing about 15-20!! Most of them are sentimental to her, because they were her and her husband’s parents’. She has TONS of bookshelves, so she is not desperate to get rid of many books yet. As far as your 50% reduction rate- that is great! And yes- keep the purple one- no brainer!! 🙂


  2. I refuse to admit how many I own, due to the fact I may incriminate myself 😉 Haha
    You are a de-clutter machine!!! When I read your blogs, it inspires me to tackle the little “piles” I overlook (and often feed). Congrats on your new place too, love the pictures!!!! 😀


    • Thanks, Cindy my friend. Please plead the 5th, no self incriminating here! 😉
      Can’t wait to show you in person!
      Just do it a little at a time, every day. Before you know it, you’ll be all done! And then have to do it all over again! Lol


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  4. You see I have about six Bibles and well I just can’t see getting rid of any of them. I use different ones at different times. I have a Busy Mom Bible and a Homeschooling Mom Bible that I use both very regularly and I just bought an Art Journaling Bible this past weekend. I have all three of those out at all time. Then I have my childhood Bible and my grandparents Bibles. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty I hope you will join us again this week!!


  5. You’ve made me stop and wonder how many bibles I have . . . I have my father’s which I just couldn’t let go of. He passed away 11 years ago and so it’s really sentimental.

    Thank you so much for sharing at my Grandma Ideas Sharing Time link party. I really appreciate your participation and hope you become a regular participant.


  6. I got a Dutch translation.
    The vary a bit.
    The original is in Arabic and always holy, so the same.

    I am not a religious person.
    But I like to study all religions.

    Peace for Nature, Humans and Earth is what I seek.

    Kind regards,


  7. Though a lot of wars are fought for the causes of a religion or even worse in the name of God Peace within your body, mind, nature, plants and animals and the Eart is the best thing to do.

    Yes we agree on this this!

    Kind regards,


  8. Hi!
    My tech girl might transfer my site Wednesday, so if you want to reblog the article, you might want to do it sooner than later. I won’t have a reblog button.


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