Melinda’s Memoir


My email icon.  I hope those ladies don’t mind being on the web!


Hello  6/26/15  Just reread this today.;


I have purged today! 2 drawers full of stationery, 90% of which is being donated. The chest the drawers came out of has to be thrown away due to water damage. Then I purged 7 gallons of trash from a large moving box,(7 GALLONS!!!) and condensed down to a small diaper box! Feeling so good right now! Waiting for my husband to come back from the store, so he can bring me another box. Here’s hoping I can stay on this high for awhile!! Thank you, Nony!

I e-mailed this to myself, because I was re-reading the post of Nony’s and saw my comment from last year.

This was 15 days before I started my own blog.

It was so neat to catch a glimpse of my former self on her blog!

I can’t link to the specific post, because I didn’t save it, of course!  But here is her site.

Nony started out blogging anonymously, hence “Nony”, because she was so embarrassed.

Not so me, everyone who ever knew me, knew I was a slob.  I couldn’t go incognito if I wanted to!

Side Table

Side Table

bathroom counter

Insert any one of a thousand pix here, as proof.

But, thank God, I’m on my way to recovery, and soon, I won’t be a slob anymore!  Then I’ll have to rename my blog, ” Purple Slob Recovered.”  Oh!  Won’t that be the day!!


Yes, Shirley, it's really empty!

Yes, Shirley, it’s really empty!

See, I really AM making progress!

9 thoughts on “Melinda’s Memoir

  1. Well here is my little secret. I used to be a slob. I could have been on that Hoarder’s show. It was really, really bad. I didn’t have anyone in my home for over a year because it was so bad. I couldn’t enter my living room. It took me a long time to clean and get organized. This was before there was information out there on hoarding. The biggest help to me was have a box by the front door and whenever I came across something I felt I could get rid of I put it in the box. It was surprising how fast the box got filled. As soon as it was filled I took it to a local charity drop box.

    Good luck on your journey!

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