Pudding Pop’s Playful Pastimes

PP loves to come to my house.  Whenever I visit her, she asks, “Howzz, howzz?”   (And who can blame her??? I’m an awesome Omie!!!  If I do say so myself, who shouldn’t!!)

And, I love to have her!

One of her favorite activities:

Playing with rocks!  When DD1 told me that, I couldn’t believe it!  But it’s true!

Picking them out of the garden, throwing them,

Her favorite toys

hiding them,

The Hidey Hole

The Hidey Hole

Sleeping (!!!) with her pet rock!  No pix of this, because she was in the bed with me, as I was trying my best to sleep too!  In a twin bed!!  But here’s the rock.  At least it is smooth, and no one ended up with a goose egg!  Yay!

Night-night lovey

Night-night lovey

More of her favorites: Taking a bath.  A daily must do!!

Enjoying herself at children’s Museum.

Picking perfect periwinkle posies.

pretty purple periwinkles

Purple Periwinkles


Ring around the rosie, with a pole as partner.

Decorating Omie:

Decorating Omie

Decorating Omie

I’m a more than willing canvas!

20150706_132456 Chalking a masterpiece.

And last but not least:

Eating is an all time favorite!

No pix of that either, since it would require showing her face.  DD1 nixes that for security reasons.  I certainly understand after hearing some horror stories.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how my precious plays!

30 thoughts on “Pudding Pop’s Playful Pastimes

  1. Love that you call her Pudding Pops!

    My kids are teens now, but this reminds me of how they used to spend hours playing with rocks, twigs, bugs, etc. outside on the sidewalk. Love the simplicity and creativity of children and how they love and appreciation God’s creation.

    Blessings to you and Pudding Pops! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Heather. Once I got over the amazement, I was thrilled that she’ s such a nature girl! God’s creation is certainly miraculous, and I believe she’ll always have that awe and appreciation. I just love to give food nicknames!


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