Lost, Lonely Language

Last night I had the greatest post all planned out in my mind.. So amazing and funny.  But can I think of a word of it today???  Nooooooo, of course not.  sigh

So, what do I do?  Have a blank post here?  Or babble on and on about nonsense to up my pages read?  (Oh, wait, I’m not in the Kindle paid per pages program. Whew!  So, I guess I can cut my losses.)

Lostlanguage is the title of this picture from Wiki Media

Lostlanguage is the title of this picture from Wiki
Media, isn’t that hilarious??  I titled this post before I found the picure!

Okay, then, buh-bye!

(2 second read)

8 thoughts on “Lost, Lonely Language

  1. Nonsense on the nonsense! I would have read it (and probably enjoyed it). I have so many drafts in my WordPress because I can’t remember what the point was of the post! 🙂 I also have a lot of published pages that have a questionable point, so it isn’t unique to the drafts! Hope you have a great week!

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