Library Loser

I lose books.

Yes, I read about more than chicken!

Yes, I read about more than chicken!

“Hi, my name is Melinda, and I’m a library loser.”


I lose my mind.


I lose money.  (Which is more important, my mind or my money?  Well, very little of either is left to squabble over.)

My fees were 42 big ones!!

My fees were 42 big ones!!

Yes, I’ve had to pay for a few several lost books.  And a few many, many, too many fines!  My latest one for the long time span of 3 months was: $42!!!

$42 is a steep membership fee for a supposedly free activity.

I lose motivation to go read “free” books, and magazines that end up costing me an arm and a leg!

There goes 1 arm...

There goes 1 arm...

There goes the leg...

There goes the leg…

What’s a loser, like me, to do????

Lose the Library, I guess.  😦

Aha!  Use the Library as a walk-in activity only!  No lending for me!

Later, losers!

19 thoughts on “Library Loser

  1. I could’ve written this! The library is only “free” if you can return the books! Compared to how many we have checked out at any given time we aren’t too bad, but there have been several books that we’ve paid for. And half of them are found 6 months later wedged under the oven.


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  3. “I lose motivation to go read “free” books, and magazines” This whole loss of motivation was the main driving factor behind our Library successfully abolishing almost all of our fines at the beginning of the year. Now we only charge you for loss of the book, you are not charged any overdue fines and if you find the book late we reimburse you the amount. 🙂 They saw giving patrons massive overdue fines as a deterrent and roadblock for people using the library. Considering we get funding based on things like circulation and membership this was a problem.


      • Because our funding relies on this like circulation, attendance at programs and membership numbers we have started looking at all aspects of the library with the aim to remove as many roadblocks for the patron as possible 🙂
        No problems and thanks for the name complement. I love it too. I actually had to start writing the blog initially as a Uni assignment and I came up with the name at that time 🙂


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