Strawberry City

A girl was born in Strawberry City,


long long long long long (5 decades worth of longs) ago but not so far away.

She was so fair of face, that the Strawberry Fairy decided to  kiss her neck, leaving a strawberry mark.

The Strawberry Girl grew, grew, and  grew until she was as tall as a pine tree.


Unfortunately, the more she grew, the clumsier she became. Everywhere she turned, she made messes, and clutter followed her.

Her Normal size Mama tried to teach her grace, and cleaning skills.  Poor Strawberry Girl just couldn’t seem help it.

Messes, and clutter began to overflow the house, then the town.


All the Housewives banded together, and petitioned for her to go away.

Sadly, Strawberry Girl left for a larger city, farther way.

It was heart breaking leaving family, friends, and her home.


Finally, she reached the larger city, and met new friends.  The first 4 people she ran into were Normal size Jack , Normal size Melody, Tiny Noel, and Tiny Roe.

Normal size Jack, and Normal size Melody at the beach. CAn you see Tiny Noel, and Tiny Roe?

Normal size Jack, and Normal size Melody at the beach. Can you see Tiny Noel, and Tiny Roe?

Strawberry Girl was thrilled to make friends who accepted her, clumsiness, messes, and all.  But, one thing was missing.

In despair, she asked God where all the other giants were.

One day, at a party, her 4 friends ran up to Strawberry Girl, and excitedly told her to “Close your eyes!  We have a surprise for you!”

Eyes clenched, feeling the ground shaking, Strawberry Girl was full of fear.  Fear of the unknown.  What was happening???

“Open your eyes!” her friends chorused.  Wonderingly, she did.  And what did her eyes behold??

To be continued….

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