strawberry banquet

(If you missed it, part one, Strawberry City,  and part two, Man Giant here.)

The Charger had gone over a cliff!  He slid down to the bottom, and regained his hooves, shaking in fear, and with the cold.

Man Giant


swept Strawberry Girl off the horse into his arms.

Rain mingled with the tears on both their faces.


Strawberry Girl wept, “Can I ever thank you enough for saving my life?”

Man Giant,  who was no dummy, asked for her hand in marriage.

Confused,and still shaken up, she rebuffed him.

But Man Giant continued to show her true love. And, he always asked for her hand in marriage, after each date.

Eventually, even he grew weary of asking, and being rejected.

Meanwhile, Strawberry Girl begins to realize love is beginning in her heart, due to his careful cherishing of her, and the way Man Giant demonstrated true, Biblical love, in every circumstance.

The time of love arrives, the special day set apart to celebrate true love.


Man Giant invites Strawberry Girl to a special banquet, with all her favorite foods, embellished with all her favorite purple flowers.


After the delicious food was all consumed, Strawberry Girl grabbed Man Giant’s hand.

And started her carefully planned speech.

“Man Giant, you’ve shown me nothing but true love, and I have rejected you all this time.  Please forgive me for hurting you so, when all you have done is love me.  If you will ask me again, the question you always ask, I will say….”

To be continued…

inspire mon


27 thoughts on “strawberry banquet

  1. My dear, I’ve read the first three parts and must say that I’m definitely intrigued by your storyline. I look forward to your next installment as the story continues.. Bravo my dear ~ Great Job….

    Take care and happy writing to ya, from Laura ~

    Liked by 1 person

      • purpleslobinrecovery, well if you didn’t post it we couldn’t read it…But, I know how you feel about that issue as I too have posted some works of fiction on WordPress too and was nervous…I’m certainly glad you did… take care and happy writing to ya, from Laura


      • Thank you so much, Laura. It’s so wonderful to meet such supportive people like you. I think we all may be insecure at some point!
        But every one who has ever commented has been so kind. They may not agree with my viewpoint, but no one has criticized my writing.

        Liked by 1 person

      • purpleslobinrecovery, I’m so happy to hear that others as well are supportive of your beautiful writing. May you continue to write, so we the readers can enjoy your writing works of art.
        Take care and have a most delightful day, from Laura


  2. Hi Melinda,
    I was wondering if you have heard from Nancy, It’s a Dangerous World. We were friendly before I left for my vacation. I haven’t heard from her. I follow her blog, but she hasn’t posted anything. Have you heard from her? Is she okay?


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  4. Hi Melinda,
    I just came by to tell you I’ve moved into my new home if you want to check it out. You could be one of my first visitors. (My first visitor?)
    By the way, if you contact Nancy, please tell her I asked about her.


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