How to Increase Traffic with a Blog Brand

Janice Wald is my new Blog BFF!! She has a huge following, so when she says I’m doing something right, I believe it ! Thank you so much, Janice!!

She references me!!   Under “Examples of Blog Brands”  Janice says;


“Melinda Mitchell has a self-deprecating online presence.  Her persona is funny, creative, and highly critical of herself.  She calls her blog Purple Slob in Recovery, and that is her online presence–she is a purple slob.  Bear in mind I am not calling Melinda a slob.  This is her online name for herself.
Her self-deprecating persona continues into her posts.  A typical post, Library Loser, explains how she loses library books.
Her avatar is that of a woman wearing purple looking distressed.  She carries this “purple” theme across her social media.  Her Facebook name is Purplelinda.
Another creative maneuver that makes Melinda a stand-out blogger is her use of alliteration in her headlines.  Dying Dishes is another one of her posts detailing the filth that covers her dishes.  The post asks where dishes that dirty go to die.”
purple slob cleaning looking overwhelmed

From Purple Slob to Clean Queen Well, maybe Princess? What’s lower than that? Lady?

Under “Value of a Blog Brand”, Janice relates:
“All three bloggers exemplify dramatically different blog brands.  Consistency in tone is important.  Viv’s is more serious, Lysa’s is fun, and Melinda’s is funny.
I did not have to research to find these bloggers when discussing them in my post.  I was able to discuss them because I remembered them.  I remembered them because they have creative blog brands.”
Thank you, Thank you my BBFFJ!!!


Bloggers need a blog brand to engage readers.Name a brand.

Nike?  That’s not fair.  The picture is right here.

Name another brand.

However you answered, I’m confident you didn’t have to look it up; it was in your head.

It was in your head because the brand was memorable.

Companies with memorable brands are famous.  They have so many clients and customers you know about them.

Do you want readers to know about you? Then, read this post.

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