strawberry love

(In case you missed them, part one, Strawberry City,  part two, Man Giant,  and part three, Strawberry Banquet.)


Joyfully, Man Giant, knelt down, asked 1 final time for Strawberry Girl’s hand in marriage.

After hearing her “Yes!”, he put the sparkling diamond on her hand, that he had been carrying in his pocket for so long.


At last, they were Engaged!

Strawberry Girl, and Man Giant were so happy!

Of course, they had a perfect purple wedding, with Tiny Noel as the Best Man.  Strawberry Girl’s Sis, and Aunt were her attendants.


The Honeymoon was in a castle, on the beach.  What a wonderful time they had, just being together.

But, when they got home, and began living together, Man Giant began being  puzzled at the messes, and clutter that seemed to follow Strawberry Girl, wherever she went.  Before, he had been so blindly in love, that he never noticed.


“Just clean up”, he tells her.

Strawberry Girl struggles to clean, and organize, but it’s the same trouble she’s always had.  Man Giant helps her clean, and organize, but still doesn’t understand why she can’t do it herself.

In due time, Baby Strawberry Giant arrives, to every one’s great delight!

To be continued……

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  1. Hi Melinda, I am trying to see if when I click my name it takes me to my old or new site. You can delete this if you want. If you have a moment, can you help me with something? Go to and see if you can put a link in a comment. Does it say awaiting moderation? Thanks!


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  20. Lucy,
    Do I detect an autobiography in the writing here ? I loved it. I am a clutter bug and a nasty cleaner too but my husband is the same except when the cleaning and decluttering bug hits him. So generally as a rule, we are ok.

    Liked by 1 person

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