Strawberry Slush

Part 1 Strawberry City, part two, Man Giant, part three, Strawberry Banquet, part four, Strawberry Love.

They are a happy family.


Mama lives with them, and keeps messes to a  minimum.

Then disaster strikes!


Man Giant is sent to a Northern City for his job.  Sadly, Strawberry Girl packs up the family, and they all move.

Poor Strawberry Girl manages to feed and diaper Baby Strawberry Giant, but little else.

Poor Man Giant had to come home from work, and then do all the house work.

Strawberry Girl is ashamed of herself, but does not know what to do.

Finally, some good news!


The Anticipation of a  2nd baby!

OH NO!!!

Disaster strikes twice!

Man Giant is  sent to the  ARCTIC Circle,


before baby # 2 is born.

Baby Strawberry Giant becomes Toddler Strawberry Giant, and receives gift of Newborn Strawberry Giant for her birthday.

Since Man Giant is already gone, Strawberry Girl has to do all the moving herself, with 2 little Giants.   Strawberry Girl is Exhausted,


by the time she reaches her new home.  It was a 24 hr journey.

Strawberry  Girl gets sick.   Sicker, sicker, and sicker.  Man Giant gets frustrated doing all the work, all the time.

Tells Strawberry Girl to go to the Dr.

Dr. tells Strawberry Girl she has……

To Be Continued….


21 thoughts on “Strawberry Slush

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  2. Oh no! What does she have???? I my goodness I hope it’s curable ~ those babies need her.. can’t wait for the next installment.. hugs from Laura

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