Strawberry Startings

If you missed any of the story: go here:

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a blog.  What would she talk about?  Well, her house was a mess, and clutter had followed her to this place.

She hadn’t thought too much about messes, and clutter, what with all the excitement of Strawberry Grandbaby

Emilia_037being born.  Then the hospital, rehab, and therapy.

But, once she started thinking about it, that’s ALL Strawberry Girl could think about.

She was sick and tired of messes , and clutter.  Ranch Man was working hard, but all he could do is keep up with day to day stuff, feeding and caring for an invalid, semi-invalid, and a baby.

So, Strawberry Girl made up her mind to clean up her own messes, and clutter, and document the process.

She found other blogs that inspired her, so she began.

At first, all she could do is sweep under the high chair.


Then, she would sit down exhausted.  Of course, her fingers weren’t tired!  Just her back, and legs, and arms, so she could write her blog posts.


And so she wrote, and wrote, and wrote.

To Be Continued….

(After a week’s break. Sorry, Laura!  Hang in there!)


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34 thoughts on “Strawberry Startings

  1. Now, I need a favor, if it’s okay. I tried to install an optin box tonight which should come out of the bottom right and ask for people’s Emails to subscribe. It’s on my phone but did not come out on my computer. Did it come out when you were there? Scroll down to the bottom if not.

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  2. Hey, Melinda ~ Awww, such a sweet Strawberry Grandbaby! Her cheeks almost look like strawberries! :0) Getting started is the hardest part, right? All we can do is to keep adding one more little task and one more and before we know it, we’re there! Thanks for sharing this post at The Merry Monday Link Party! Can’t wait to read the rest!

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