Speaking of #2

The First Part of the Story.

(Sorry, just couldn’t help myself, with that title!!)

The Dr. told me I had:

Kidney disease.


What??  I’d never had any kidney problems before….  Well, except the UTI  2 weeks ago.

Realization dawned on me, as I sat there in shock, crying.  I’m dying!!  Like, immediately!!

If your kidneys crap out, it’s dialysis then death!  A really grim picture!


Visions of my quickly approaching death ran thru my mind.  Then, being me, I started to plan my funeral.  Would everybody wear purple, like I want them to???

I went out to the car, hobbling on my walker, and called Mama, still justa bawling.

Mama! I’m dying! Like right now!”

Of course, she was shocked, and tried to get down to the bottom of it.

Long story short, I made up my mind that I wanted to LIVE!!

And I knew that involved some BIG, and serious changes.  So, I decided to change.

Sweet friend had a Wheat Belly Cookbook.

(Don’t ask me why, he doesn’t eat Gluten-free.  But he usually has 1 of anything I ever say I need, packed away somewhere.  NO!!  He’s NOT a Hoarder!!  How dare you suggest that??  He’s just prepared!  😉  )

A life saver!

A life saver!

So, I read it, that night.

To Be Continued….


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16 thoughts on “Speaking of #2

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  2. I’m a bit scared of being given that diagnosis to be honest. I’ve got strange pains in my ULQ and my last blood tests came back with liver problems…I’m back to doctor next week to discuss both. I’m so in denial over the whole thing, I mean I can’t even drink 2 whole drinks on the same night, how is this possible???? *humph* (I’m so gald to read your #3 but I’ll head back over to comment there)

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